Thursday, April 16, 2009

Fried Vermicelli With Sauce

Tonight I have made a very simple dish for my family. We considered that we are a kind of small eater. So, I always cook very little.

Ingredients :

200gm dry vermicelli (do not soak into water)
200gm prawn
100gm squid
100gm crab stick
some minced garlic
a few slices of ginger

Seasoning :

4cups water
1/2 tspn salt
3 tbsp oyster sauce
1/2 tspn ground pepper

**For thickening graving : 3tbsp tapioca stach + 1/3cup water.

Firstly, fry all the vermicelli and put it a side. Make sure you keep them in dry place.

Sauce :

- fry the garlic and ginger untill aromatic.
- put in all the seafood and stir fry for a while.
- add in water and wait till its boil.
- add in salt, pepper and oyster sauce, let it cook for a while.
- finally, put in the tapioca mixture slowly.
- make sure the sauce is not too thick.

- pour sauce onto the fried vermicelli and serve immediately.


Mary said...

This looks awfully good. My grandsons love to see fried vermicelli being made.

My Little Space said...

Thank you, Mary. I hope you enjoy it with your grandsons. My son loves it too coz of the crunchy texture of the vermicelli.

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