Sunday, June 28, 2009

Seafood Vermicelli with Sour Soup

I love sour soup especially cooking with vermicelli. It can really rise up your appetite ! Sour soup isn't something new for the chinese. The recipe normally included pickled mustard, salted plum, tomatoes, ginger, bean curd (tofu) and meat or seafood, or maybe some carrots. I bet you guy haven't try out this recipe yet. Today, I have cooked the sour soap vermicelli with seafood. Eventually, I'll cook it with fried fish meat slices. Oh, that goes fantastically well with the sour soup.

Ingredients :

200gm vermicelli (soaked till soft)

2.5L water

250gm sliced chicken meat

(or you can use sliced pork meat, instead of that fried ikan bilis & fried fish bones also can)

a few slices of ginger

3 tomatoes, cut in quarters

100gm pickled mustard (ham choy), cut small

1 pce salted plum (slightly pressed)

some seafood or crab stick or fish cake or fish ball

a little dried seaweed

some lettuce

some salt and pepper to taste

Preparation for Soup :
- marinade sliced meat with a little oyster sauce, pepper & corn starch.
- boiled water then add in sliced meat, tomatoes and ginger.
- leave to boil under medium heat for 1/2 hour.
- next add in sour plum, seafood and pickled mustard (ham choy), cook for 5 mins.
- finally, add in vermicelli and leave to cook for 2mins.
- off the heat, serve hot with seaweed and some lettuce.

This is the pickled mustard I mentioned about. You need to soak them in water before used.

And this is the salted plum. It normally comes in one whole pce. This can also be used in steam fish with pickled mustard.


Chow and Chatter said...

this looks good love chinese soups, will follow

Mary said...

Sour soup made with a fish head was one of my favorite meals when we were in China. Your soup looks delicious.

Em said...

Yum! I've never seen picked plums before but I should check that out when I go to a Chinese grocery store next time. Thanks for finding me through Foodbuzz. :)

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