Homemade Udon Noodle

I've been so curious how udon noodle is made and google for quite awhile but have yet found a perfect one for myself. Actually, I have tried a few recipes but still not very satisfying. I always compare mine with the store bought ones. Of coz, those store bought ones are so mighty white and springy and beautiful. But at least, my final batch is the closest one to my personal target.

And here's what I did.
Ingredients :
1-1/2 cup  all purpose flour
1 cup  tapioca flour
1/2 cup  hot water
80ml  cooking oil
1/2 cup  water, room temperature (I added a bit extra more)

Method :
(1) combine both flour into a big mixing bowl and mix well, then make a hole in center.
(2) stir in hot water and cooking oil, roughly mix together all the flour.
(3) now, add in the remaining water and knead till form a soft dough.
(4) set dough aside to rest for an hour, then roll it out on a slightly floured working table and cut in stripes.

It is alright if you cut it thick. It tastes better in this way. You can even roll them to make it look rounder. Then cook them in boiling water till each of them float on top. Drain noodles then keep in a container and mix with a bit of oil to prevent from sticking.

You can either use them straight away or keep refrigerated and use them days later. They can last for quite a while. Hope you guys will love it too!


  1. Thanks for sharing this recipe.

  2. Wow! Your udon noodles will make a wonderful noodle soup. Delicious!


  3. This recipe is fab...can try to make some.

  4. wow awesome and actually seems doable

  5. So nice to have read this Kristy, because our last game-changer (Elizabeth Andoh) made a point of saying her MIL's first cooking lesson was udon noodles!

  6. Very cool and it doesn't look too difficult! I wouldn't have considered making my own udon until now!

  7. Lovely blog. First time here n I feel glad to follow u. Do visit my space when you get time.

  8. This looks cool, and you make it sound so simple!:)
    Homemade udon sounds delightful;)

  9. Good try. I have seen a recipe before, they use bread flour instead, maybe you can try out.

  10. you're so hardworking la, kristy, i really must salute you! stir fried udon is my fav!

  11. Awesome! You can really make lots of food from scratch huh! I don't have the patience to do complicated stuff lol! Great job!

  12. I'm so impressed you made your own noodles! Your blog is lovely and right up my street (I live in Thailand and cook Asian Fusion food). Come visit some time: www.mango-ginger.blogspot.com

  13. Ever since I saw La Fuji Mama make them I have been wanting to make some myself. This is such comfort food to me!!

  14. Just found your blog and I am following it now! Never thought of making my own Udon but what a great idea and so simple! I'm from Malaysia but living in New Zealand now.Do drop by my blog when you can :)

  15. I never thought of making udon noodles myself as I have a very specific
    brand that I always buy. Unfortunately, I have a hard time getting them at the markets I've been buying them from. I'm inspired to make my own after reading your post. Yours look rustic and delicious. That's what I love about home made noodles. :)


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