Kaya Jam Puff Pastry

I have some leftover pastry dough in my freezer and thought of making some sweet puff. Since, I still keeping some kaya jam (steamed egg custard jam) in my fridge too. Well, this should save me a lot of time. I just rolled out the pastry dough and cut them into rectangle shape. Then spread on the kaya jam and sealed all edges neatly with a folk. Finally, brush egg glaze onto the pastry and bake for 20-25mins or untill golden brown at 195'c.

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  1. hi there, it's my pleasure to be browsing thru' yr blog. very nice & i like yr dog :) i just got into 'blogging' very recently to occupy my mind after my mum's passing. anyway, this puff looks so flaky and good. i just attended a baking class on puff pastry last week so i'm really new with puffs. i'm not a big fan of eating them but i just love looking at the flakiness of it. so amazing!

  2. Such a nice blog. What a great pastry. I'd love to taste it.


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