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Blueberry Chocolate Swiss Roll 蓝莓巧克力蛋糕卷

Wow, time flies past real fast ! Its almost the end of 2018 and Christmas is just another 2 weeks away. I can feel the Christmas mood coming from everywhere. So, can't resist to bake myself an indulgence chocolate swiss roll for the celebration mood. haha.....  Please read on for more.

Here's what I did.
Ingredients for chocolate sponge :
5 egg yolks
40ml  full cream milk
70gm all purpose flour
10gm  corn flour
20gm  cocoa powder
1/2 tspn baking powder
50ml  corn oil

5 egg white
80gm  fine sugar
a pinch of salt

Method :
(1) from ingredients (B), whisk egg white till foamy then add in cream of tartar & sugar one tablespoon at a time till everything well combined or till egg white became stiff. Set aside.
(2) from ingredients (A), beat egg yolk & sugar till pale & fluffy then add in milk and continue beating till everything well corporate.
(3) now, fold in flour bit by bit till well combined and then follow by adding in the oil.
(4) once its ready, transfer b…

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