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The Famous Taiwanese Dirty Bun 台湾流行的肮脏包

Are you ready to get dirty ???  Here it is the latest discovery, the famous Taiwanese dirty buns. Now, we also have it in KL, click to check out here.  Why it is called DIRTY BUNS ! Well, its all about getting messy when you dig into the bun. haha.....

I won't miss a thing and I am proud I made these dirty puffs. Since time concerned, I used ready made puff pastry on this recipe. You may try myhomemade puff pastry (here),Croissant (here) or even danish pastry (here) on this.

If you're using a larger pastry sheets (more than 5" square), just use one sheet cut into 2 pcs to make one roll.

Ingredients : ( for 4 buns )
6 pcs   5" square pastry puff, cut into half
60gm  chocolate, divide into 4 portions
1 egg yolk mixed with 1 tspn  milk for glazing

Ingredients for chocolate ganish :
150gm   chocolate, chopped
150ml   full cream milk
1/2 cup  cocoa powder for dusting

Method :
(1)   divide all pastry into half, then arrange pastry one after another by overlapping the edges…

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