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Chendol Agar-Agar 椰糖煎蕊燕菜

This is something I don't make often which is extremely addictive. I am terribly addicted to the aroma, the sweet sensation and the exotic flavour of it. Never get enough of it..... haha.... That is why I don't make this often. I made this continuously in two days and ran out of palm sugar in the second day. So, have no choice that I have to use brown sugar which is not AS good as the palm sugar ones. However, still addicted to it ...... haha..... Please read on for more.

Note :  Kindly email me directly if any quiestions. Many thanks

Ingredients :
(A) Bottom Layer
500ml  water
145gm  sugar
300ml  thick coconut milk
10gm  agar-agar powder
1/3 tspn  salt
400-500gm  chendol
* 1 cup readymade Azuki beans

(B)  Top Layer
500ml  water
160gm  palm sugar/brown sugar (50%/50%)
300ml   thick coconut milk
10gm   agar-agar powder
1/3 tspn  salt

Method :
(1)  for ingredients (A), combine water, coconut milk, sugar, salt & agar-agar powder and bring it to boil or till sugar dissolved. Then…

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