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Air Fryer Gluten Free Black Glutinous Chiffon 气炸锅不含麸质黑糯米雪纺蛋糕

This is another recipe that I have been keeping in my list to do for a long long time and finally, decided to make a small one by using my air fryer. It is a gluten free cake which is really yummy and perfect for those who has celiac disease. And the following recipe can be easily convert into KETO version, by just replacing the sugar to sweetener or Erythritol sweetener. And then replace glutinous rice flour to almond flour. Please read on for more.

I just bought a new hand mixer which came with this whisk gadget. Oh dear, I love it so much. It's perfect for making meringue, macaroons & pavlova.

Ingredients : (for 16cm chiffon tray)
3 egg yolk (size B)
15gm   icing sugar
50ml   coconut milk
40gm   glutinous rice flour
15gm   rice flour
20ml   corn oil /melted butter

3 egg white (size B)
1/4 tspn  cream of tartar
20gm  icing sugar

Method :
(1) from ingredients (A), hand beat sugar and egg yolk till cream…

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