Homemade Chinese Chicken Jerky @ Bak Kwa 自制鸡肉干

Meat jerky is one of the popular snack during Chinese New Year. It is super tasty and addictive and of coz expensive too. haha...... This is my very first attempt making homemade meat jerky.  As my family not pork person, so I made chicken instead. It looks as fantastic, isn't it ?  Please read on for more.


Ingredients :
800gm -1 kg   chicken breast minced (about 2 pcs)
4 TB  oyster sauce
4 TB  sesame oil
2 TB  shaoxing wine (best to use Rose Wine)
1 TB  fish sauce
4 TB   light soy sauce
2 tspn  dark soy sauce
1 tspn  salt
2/3 tspn  Chinese 5 spice powder
180gm  sugar

Method :
(1) combine all ingredients into a big bowl then mix till well cooperated.

(2) make sure the chicken minced meat became starchy and stick together. Then cover with lid and keep chilled for 3-4 hours or overnight. 

(3)  next, divide minced meat into 2 portions then spread on a 10x14" baking tray lined with greased proof paper. After nicely spread then again keep chilled for another 3 hours or till set, but best to keep overnight.

(4) now, once its ready bake at preheated oven at 160'C for 20 minutes. At this stage, the meat is cooked and moisture released 50%. The tray is wet. So, cut the meat into 6 portions then transfer to another dry tray.
(5) next, put it back to the oven and bake at 185'C for another 20-25 minutes or till the meat became dry and nice.

(6) at this stage the moisture is almost 90% released and the meat will look dry and nice.
(7) now, prepare 4 TB of honey mix with 1 TB of water for grilling purpose.

(8) place meat slices to baking tray and bake at preheated oven 200-220'C spread on honey mixture every 3 minutes on both side, untill you are happy with the colour.

Loving the colour so much and smell heavenly <3 What do you think !

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