Lychee Agar-agar & A Giveaway !

Just celebrated my big day last week! Not much has been done....I went for my yearly cervical check-up in the morning that day and then spent an hour shopping at Jusco, nearby the hospital. Bought some food and bought myself a top (shirt). Rush back to fetch the kids from school after driving a total of 80km ! Finally, came home & baked myself a cake and also make some agar-agar. lol.Yeappp...a very rush & simple day. I didn't make dinner. Hubby & I went out for dinner with some friends but didn't tell them it's my birthday.  Not untill I brought out the cake later on after we spent our evening at the cafe. haha..... Oh well, no big deal. Just a birthday ! And I enjoyed celebrating it peace & quiet. >o<

Ingredients :
2L water
25gm  agar-agar powder (1 pkt)
180gm    sugar
1 canned Lychee, blended with juice

Method :
Mix together agar-agar powder & water, then add in blended lychee with juice. Bring mixture to boil then add in sugar and continue cooking over medium heat till mixture became slightly thickened (about 10 mins). Now, pour mixture to silicon mould or any mould as desired. Leave cool to set and chilled before serving.

These days I really enjoyed using silicon mould for agar-agar making. It's pretty and easy to use.

And the jelly is easily remove from mould as well. Hassle free !

These little jelly are perfect for any party. And here's the giveaway !!!!!

Since it's my birthday month, I'll be giving away one of my brand new 6 cavities silicon mould to one of my lucky reader; effective from 19th of June till 28th of June. You may leave as many comments as possible and the lucky winner should be one of my blog follower..So, good luck guys!
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