Vacation At Sg Madek, Kahang (Reserved Forest) Part 1

I'm finally back from my vacation. There were two weeks school holiday during Hari Raya. So, taking this opportunity to travel with hubby alone. We went for a 3 days 2 night stay on our first trip for the first week and then back again on the second week for another 3 days 2 night stay. There were 6 of us on our first trip and only 4 persons (without the kids) on our second trip. Best vacation I ever had so far. Hubby said it's our honeymoon trip. LOL. >o<

This is where about we were staying for the past few days. The river up stream.

These guys came in for a one day fishing trip on the second day of our stay, with their boat but didn't get anything on that day.

The river down stream. Very beautiful environment. I really enjoyed myself here especially during night time. The night sky is totally cover with stars.......such amazing view. How I wish to take down the picture. But loads of weird noises coming from all over. Are you daring to stay here?

My boy having the best fishing time nearby. He is too a wildlife lover...just like his dad.

Hubby built me a personal staircase. So sweet of him. 

ME....enjoying myself with the natural fish foot spa pedicure....down at the river side. You have no fun it was !

Here's my 5 STAR hotel room...... hehe....

We rescued a water monitor (biawak) on the second day of our first trip. The water monitor (biawak) was stuck in the fishing cage for at least 2 weeks time already. It was tired & frustrated.

The evening catch of the day. I'm chilling out at the middle of the route with hubby. So relaxing ! Stay tune for another best catch of the day on my second trip.
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