Baked Fluffy Cassava Cake

Cassava is also called as tapioca or 'ubi kayu' in Malay. These freshly dug out cassava are given by a friend. There are actually two kinds of cassava available in the market, one is the milky white & the other is yellowish type, and it happened what I got here is the yellowish type. The yellowish type is more chewy and gummier compare to the white ones. And when it comes to boiling, the white ones could easily melted but not the other one. So, I decided to use mine in baking a cake which inspired by Sonia & Mat Gebu.

Over the years, cassava is often used in making baked kuih ubi bingka, something like the Filipino baked cassava. Thanks to the blogger whom has created this fantastic version of baked cassava cake. It is really delicious.

Ingredients :
400gm  grated cassava
1 cup  grated coconut
200gm  butter
160gm  sugar
a pinch of salt
3 eggs
a few drops of NuNaturals Vanilla Flavaoured Liquid
1/2 cup  thick coconut milk
180gm   all purpose flour
1/2 TB  baking powder

Method :
(1) mix together flour & baking powder, set aside.
(2) cream butter, salt & sugar till creamy then alternately add in egg and continue beating till everything well mixed.
(3) stir in vanilla & coconut milk and mix well.
(4) then fold in flour till well combined.
(5) finally, add in grated cassava & coconut and stir gently till everything well mixed
(6) pour batter to two separate 3x3x9" lined with parchment paper.
(7) now, bake at preheated oven 175'C for about 45-50 minutes or till tester came out clean.
(8) once its done, cool for 10 minutes before transferring to a serving plate.

The batter smell so delicious yet not even it is cooked.

The cake did rose wonderfully but shrunk back as it has cooled down.

The colour of this cake looks so bright as the cassava is clearly seen on the cake as well. All I can say this cake is absolutely stunning. Hope you guys will like it too. Enjoy &  have a great week ahead.
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