Double Sesame Finger Loaf

There's always something to clear up after a housekeeping day. Stuffs that has been keeping for ages sitting in the pantry, from the storage cabinet & refrigerator. And here's what I found, some black sesame paste and white & black sesame seeds. The black sesame paste should works wonderful on snow skin mooncakes but its not the right timing yet I supposed bread making should be the only quickie way to clear off some of the sesame paste & seeds for me. Well, I'm glad I did. The toasted sesame tasted absolutely delicious.

Here's what I did.
Ingredients :
500gm  bread flour/ high protein flour
1 TB  sugar
1-1/2 tspn  yeast
1/2 tspn  salt
1-1/2 TB  black sesame paste or tahini
180ml   warm milk
2 eggs, do not beat
80gm   cold butter, chopped

*1 cup  white sesame seeds mixed with 1/3 cup  black sesame seeds for coating
* 1 cup  milk for dipping the dough

Method :
(1) combine all ingredients except butter, mix to form a soft dough then add in butter and continue kneading till everything is well coorperated. Then leave dough to rest for an hour or till double in size.
(2) when ready, punch dough to release excess air and knead till smooth. Then, place dough into working table and divide into 4 equal portions and round them. Let them rest for 10 minutes before further shaping.
(3) Now, again divide each 4 of them into 6 small portions to make it 24 small balls.
(4) dip each of them into milk then coat with sesame seeds and place them nicely to the 4.5 x 4.5 x 9" greased tray till completed.
(5) Again, let dough sit & rest in the tray for an hour or till nicely rose or double in size. Then bake at preheated oven 190'C for 25 minutes with open top.
(6) when done, rest for 10 minutes before transferring from tray.

From this.......TO......

Can you see how awesome is the roasted sesame seeds !

Just in the right bite size but if you have time to reduce the sizes even merrier ! By toasting it with an additional touch of butter should be irresistible. Hope you guys will love it too. Enjoy & have a great week ahead.

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