Vegetarian Kaya @ Pumpkin Coconut Jam 素加椰酱

Wow.... its already autumn on the other side of the globe ! Time gone by too quickly and year 2016 is just less than two months away. Can you believe that ! A few days back I watched a movie called "THE BUCKET LIST". Have any one of you watch this movie before  ? Its a great movie. Life is just so short after all. So, since pumpkin is on season and its selling quite cheap now. I bought one the other day to try out the pumpkin coconut kaya jam recipe which I've been waiting for. Never too late to try something new. And here's what I did.

Ingredients : (4 small jars)
900gm-1 kg  pumpkin, skinned & diced
600gm   coconut milk
360gm   sugar
5 pandanuns leaves, washed & tight into knot

Method :
(1) steamed pumpkin till soft then puree together with coconut milk till silky smooth.
(2) next, add in sugar & pandanus leaves and cook till thickened, then discharged the leaves.
(3) leave to cool before canning.

Does it look like the real kaya ???? Really really smooth & creamy.

I can't wait for any longer. Then quickly spread one tablespoon of warm pumpkin kaya onto the bread and wallop. Its just as delicious as the egg coconut kaya, if extra pandanus juice is added in its even merrier. Should try it out the next time. Hope you guys will love it too ! Enjoy.

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