Green Tea Pineapple Tart 绿茶凤梨酥

As I said pineapple tart is my favourite during the whole Chinese New Year season and same to my other very particular KL girlfriend. She stays in KL for so many years and has tried out almost all the big & small range and even 5 star hotels' pineapple tart in her life. And one day, she came to me and said "Kris, I still think your pineapple tart (refer recipe here)  is the BEST !". I just look at her with my big round eyes ! Boy, don't know what to say because I don't tell people which is the best and which is the worst. All I know is baker just bake whatever they desired. I mean different people different taste buds, you know what I mean ! So, don't be sad when someone told you that your pineapple tart is NO good. haha.... Its just a matter that its NOT his or her thing ! Honestly, I always think that my baking isn't the best but I just love recreating it to suit my personal taste bud. The tart which my girlfriend loves about is actually the amount of cornflour used on my personal recipe. You can hardly find such recipe selling out there cause the cookie breaks easily due to the extreme softness. Yet, still 7 out of 10 loving it !

Last year, I tried the green tea pineapple roll recipe posted by SCS butter and its very well received. So, I'll have to give this another try this year. I'm going to modify it by adding in extra cornflour. Just keep my fingers cross ! See Lisa @ Lisa's Lemony Kitchen, I told you I'm going to try the recipe. >o<

(modified from SCS Butter recipe)
Ingredients :
250gm  butter, room temperature
60gm   icing sugar
2 egg yolk
280gm  all purpose flour
40gm   corn flour
15gm   green powder

*350-400gm  pineapple paste

Method :
(1) combine flour, corn flour & green tea powder into a bowl and mixed well.
(2) beat butter, sugar & egg yolk till creamy, then stir in dry ingredients to form a soft & sticky dough. Set aside to rest for 20 minutes.
(3) for further process kindly click to refer here.
(4) bake at preheated oven 170'C for about 18 minutes.
* Egg glazing : 1 egg yolk + 1 tspn milk

This was my last year baked goodie, Matcha Pineapple Roll.

One only mistake I made this round ! Should have place in more pineapple fillings. haha..... The cookie will definitely looks fuller with 8gm pineapple filling, instead of 5gm which is quite empty !!!! And one more thing is, the colour became less attractive. Should increase the green tea powder to 20-25gm ! Overall, it was OK !  HAPPY FESTIVE BAKING everyone. Enjoy & have lots of fun !
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