Chocolate Pavlova 巧克力百露華

Well, another cleaning job for me. The best way to use up the egg white from the fridge is by making meringue, a sweet pavlova. Honestly, I have nightmare trying out baking on my new oven these days. Yet still need to experiment it and slowly play along with it. And cross my fingers, hopefully my pavlova will look good. Please read on to find out more.

Ingredients :
4  egg white (about 130gm)
1/8 tspn   cream of tartar
1 cup   castor sugar
a pinch of salt
1 tspn   vanilla essence
1 TB    cocoa powder
1 tspn    corn flour

Method  :
(1)  whisk egg white till stiff and foamy, then gradually add in sugar one table spoon at a time together with salt & cream of tartar.
(2)   once the meringue turns thicken and looks really heavy, means it is done.
(3)   now, stir in vanilla essence and blend well.

(4)  next, stir in cocoa powder & corn flour till fold till well cooperated, then transfer meringue mixture to plastic bag or piping bag.

(5)  now, pipe meringue in 6 portions onto a 9x13" baking tray lined with parchment paper or silicon sheet.
(6)  simply press meringue with a spoon to flatten it a little bit, which will helps to hold the cream for decorations later on.
(7)  finally, bake at preheated oven 150'C for about 2 hours then off the heat and let them rest in oven for another 45 minutes.

The meringue turns out beautifully. It looks so perfect with the little crack on them.

Ingredients for cream cheese cream :
50gm    cream cheese, softened
3/4 cup   whipping cream, whipped
2 TB   icing sugar

Method :
Whisk cream cheese & sugar till well blended then fold into whipped cream till cooperated.

The only advice is to bake this meringue on lower rack which is more appropriate. Mine is probably not perfect enough. However, it looks good though. >o<


  1. I know I couldn't stop at one. These are perfect for dessert after a heavy meal.

  2. LOL Like Veronica, I can't stop just eating one or two. They look ever so tempting, Kristy.

  3. Dear always Im scared of make meringues, many times I don make, these look amazing and lovely !

  4. Mmmm that does sound good and I make meringues a lot when I have used egg yolks for other dishes. Have a good day Diane


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