Herman Danish Loaf 赫爾曼丹麦酥皮面包

As I am a super big fan of danish pastry, so this famous danish loaf definitely something that I shouldn't missed out. I worked on the bread recipe shared by Herman Starter fb group members and combining it with the pastry folding. Honestly, I didn't expect much from my first attempt but it actually turns out really good. The bread is so soft and aromatic. Thumbs up !

To activate the Herman culture by mixing the following ingredients 3 hours before working on dough.
**1/2 cup Herman starter + 1/1 cup  all purpose flour + 1/2 cup milk + 1/3 cup  sugar

Ingredients :
1 cup  herman starter
350gm   bread flour
2-1/2 TB  sugar
1   whole egg
100ml   milk
1/2 tspn  salt
20gm   butter, diced

**200gm   margerine (for folding)
**Extra flour for dusting
**egg glazing :  1 egg yolk mixed with 1 tspn  milk

Method :
(1)  stir together ingredients from main dough (except butter) till sticky dough is formed.
(2)  add in butter and continue kneading till smooth, at this stage, dough no longer be sticky.
(3)  place dough to a slightly floured working table and flatten into 12x16" sheet.
(4)  spread margarine over half of the flatten dough sheet and fold the other half over margarine then sealed the edges nicely.
(5)  now, roll to flatten it into even larger sheet. and fold them into 4 layers as picture shown below.

Note :  I used margarine instead of butter for the folding, which makes it easier.



(5)  placing both end of dough facing the center, as picture shown the above. Then make another folding by placing one overlap the other, as picture shown below. Looking like a 4 layers stacked dough.
(6)  keep dough freeze for 20 minutes after each turn, meaning prepare the 4 folding for 3 times and keep dough freeze after each turn. This will helps to generate better layers. Next, rotate dough in 90 degrees so that the opening is facing the left or the right and then repeating the same process once and again freeze it for the 2nd time. Try to press dough by rolling pin to flatten it before rolling it out after each freeze.
(7)  now, for final rolling, flatten dough into 4x16" rectangle shape which is twice the size of the loaf tray. Then cut into 4 strips and braid the dough strips into pony tail.
(8)  place shape dough to a 4x9" greased loaf pan and let dough rest in oven with a cup of hot water for at least 4-5 hours.
(9)  finally, brush with egg glazing and bake at preheated oven 210'C for about 30-35 minutes.

WA..LA.... Finally, my Herman danish loaf is done ! Clap... clap... clap.... I am definitely a happy baker. LOL

I am truly admired the beauty of the layering.  Don't you love it too !!!


  1. I am not fancy for margarine, but I guess butter would work just great here, right? This looks unbelievably delicious!

  2. Nice bread! Hope i can try it one day!

  3. You are a great baker, thumbs up for you, Kristy.

  4. Look at the layers! Such a beautiful loaf. Wish I could make this.


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