Natural Remedy For Muscle Pain 清炖葡萄汁

I'm a big fan of natural remedies for body healing. Recently, I met a friend whom has given me this easy to prepare remedy for muscle pain especially twisted back. The only ingredient needed is green grapes & some pure rice wine. I actually gave it a go the following day and share it with a few friends. And the result is overwhelming ! An elderly friend said his upper arm muscle pain which has been bothering him since a year ago has suddenly relief on the next morning, after taking this remedy. I'm not sure how true it is but it works for him. So, this is definitely something good to share with my readers. Please read on for more.

I prepared 1 kg of green seedless grapes which feed about 6 persons in one course. Or ! kg for 2 persons by taking it continuously within 3 days. For washing away the wax on grapes, squeeze some toothpaste to your hand palm and rub between both of your palm evenly. Then rub grapes with your hands gently till shinny. Finally, rinse and wash away toothpaste.

Now, cut grapes into half or quarter it. Then transfer all grapes to a big clay jar without adding in anything.

Next, cover jar with a lid and seal it with plastic wrap.

Finally, cook it for 3 hours over a double boiler or slow cooker.

Once its done, leave cooked grapes to cool into room temperature or just warm. Add in pure rice wine about 1-1/2 cup into 1 kg of grapes (or 1 cup for less alcohol intake). Best to serve it just before bed time. Keep chilled for all leftover then reheat before consume each time.
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