Swirl Cinnamon Pillow Cake 肉桂枕头蛋糕

Something truly inspired me when I was scrolling across facebook the other day. I saw a video with swirl cinnamon sheet cake and instantly thought of making it. However,  I was about to try something new by making the cake with Western flavour in combination of Eastern baking technique. How do you love the idea ! Let's find out. Please read on for more.

Ingredients :
8  egg yolk
125gm   all purpose flour
1 tspn    baking powder
90gm     corn oil
110gm   full cream milk
1 tspn   vanilla essence

8  egg white
110gm   castor sugar
1 tspn   salt
1/8 tspn   cream of tartar

1 TB  cinnamon powder

**Frosting : 1/2 cup icing sugar mix with 1 tspn  lemon juice

Method :
(1)  sift together flour & baking powder and mix well.
(2)  now, heat milk, oil and coffee powder for about 2 minutes or till mixture became about to hot, not boiling.
(3)  stir flour mixture into warm milk mixture till everything well blended ( as picture shown above), then add in egg yolk in few batches and continue beating till well cooperated. Set aside.
(4)  next, in another mixing bowl beat egg white till foamy by adding in sugar & cream of tartar gradually, continue whisking till egg white became soft peak (meringue like).
(5)  now, fold the meringue into the yolk batter in 3 batches and mix till everything well cooperated.
(6)  transfer half batter into a 8" lined with parchment paper on bottom, mix together 2 tablespoon of batter with cinnamon powder till cooperated then spread half over to batter and make a swirl. Place the remaining batter over and add in the remaining cinnamon mixture as well to make a swirl.
(7)  Level batter by holding pan 2" above counter, dropping it flat on the counter. Repeat this several times to release air bubbles.
(8)  finally, bake at preheated oven 170'C for first 20 minutes on lower rack (for 42L oven size), then 150'C for 60 minutes. Please adjust your oven temperature according to your oven cause some used only 140'C for other half baking.
(9)  once its done, ajar oven door for 5 minutes before bringing out the cake, invert and remove parchment paper. Slice the cake only when its cooled.
(10)  drizzle icing frosting over the top then serve.

So far, I have to admit that this is the best sponge cake I've ever tested. The texture is really really light & bouncy. And not too sweet.

Bet you guys going to love this ! It's soft, moist & delicious. However, you may try making this with a 9x13" tray to transform into sheet cake. Definitely, more surprises ahead. Have fun everyone !
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