Coconut Raisins Danish Butter Cookies 椰香葡萄干丹麦黄油曲奇

As promised, I've prepared the final cookie to complete the blue tin Danish cookies set. And here it is the coconut raisins butter cookies, which I have been wanting to attempt to it since a long time ago. I'm glad I've finally did it ! Oh yeah, it is really crunchy & yummy. Please read on for more.

Ingredients for dough :
250gm  butter, softened at room temperature
180gm  icing sugar
1 large egg
320gm  all purpose flour
30gm  desiccated coconut
1/4 cup  raisins
1/4 tspn   baking soda
1 tspn  vanilla essence/extract

Method :
(1) combine flour, coconut, raisins & baking soda till well cooperated.
(2) cream butter & sugar till fluffy pale then add in egg & vanilla essence and whisk till cooperated.
(3)  now, fold in flour mixture till soft dough is formed.
(4)  shape dough into oblong size then wrap dough into plastic sheet and keep refrigerated overnight.
(5)  once ready, cut dough into thin slices then pull off plastic sheet and arrange it to baking tray lined with parchment paper. Keep cut dough chilled before the first batch cookie is done.

(6)  finally,  bake at preheated oven 180'C -185'C for about 20 minutes or till cookies became crunchy, not overly brown. Do watch out the temperature.

These cookies aren't round enough in shape. I really need to master it ! haha.... Overall I am happy with it.

So far, I have done the vanilla kranse (the soft dough cookie), kringle (the cold dough cookie) & coconut raisins butter cookies. For further info, click here to find out more.

For those who are interested in making frisk brod cookies, please follow the cold dough recipe then square it and wrap with plastic sheet. By following the coconut raisin cookies method, sliced it after chilled overnight then brush with milk and sprinkle on the coarse sugar. And bake at preheated oven 180-185'C for about 20 minutes or till lightly brown.
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