Cranberry Mixed Nuts Florentine 佛罗伦丁红莓坚果饼干

Oh boy.... oh boy.... Chinese New Year is getting near and I didn't even start making any CNY goodies yet ! I really need something quick. Just thought of Florenta premix powder !!! I spent about RM100.00 to get myself a 1 kg of Florenta premix, almond slices, pumpkin seeds, sun flower seeds, melon seeds, dried cranberries and black & white sesame seeds. What else ! Start working baby !

You really need to control the thickness of each baking, so be very careful to spread the mixture.

Ingredients :
500gm   Florentine premix powder (click to check out the product)
250gm   almond slices
250gm   sun flower seeds
250gm   pumpkin seeds
250gm   melon seeds
1/2 cup  sesame seeds
3 TB   black sesame seeds
1-1/3 cup  dried cranberries, chopped

Method :
(1)  put together all nuts & seeds till well mixed.
(2)  stir in 400gm Florentine powder and mix till cooperated.
(3)  divide mixture into 3-1/2 portions in separate bowls.
(4)  now,  lined grease proof / baking paper to a 9x13" tray and spread one portion of mixtures onto it.
(5)  sprinkle on some chopped cranberries and then spread some Florentine powder all over.
(6)  finally, bake at preheated oven 170'C for about 16 minutes or till golden brown. Must watch out the temperature cause different branding of oven gives you different temperature.
(7)  transfer the baked goodies over to a working table and cut them into small pieces immediately then leave to cool. Only discharge cookies from grease proof / baking paper after it is completely cooled.

Ya, the florentine need to be baked till really brown or to perfection.

The additional of cranberries just made the whole thing even more addictive ! Bet you can wallop a whole jar all by yourself. LOL Are you in the mood of baking too ? Have fun guys.


  1. 香又脆的年饼!
    提前送上祝福: 吉祥如意太平年!

    1. 我也不懂发生了什么事,因为之前我本人也无法看到自己的blog ! 谢谢你的祝福。也祝你一家大小过个快乐平安年。


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