Non Dairy ~ Crispy Green Pea Cookies

Cookies always one of our favourite snacks at home. And most commercial cookies are very buttery and contained of all kinds of additional flavours which I think it isn't very healthy when over consumed. So, it's still best to make some healthy snacks at home once in a while. I found this recipe some time ago and totally in love with it, once it mentioned no plain flour & butter is used.. My mom is not a butter person, so this is just perfect for her.

Ingredients :
1 cup    green pea flour
3/4 cup   semolina flour
5 tbsp    corn flour
3 tbsp    wheat starch (tung fun)
1 tspn    baking soda
1/2 tspn   salt
200gm    shortening
3/4 cup   sugar
2 large eggs

#for topping : 3/4 cup roasted pistachio chunks or roasted coconut shreds

Method :
(1) in a big bowl. combine salt, all flour & starch and mix well.
(2) cream shortening with sugar till fluffy, then add in eggs and beat till well combined.
(3) now, stir in the dry ingredients till everything well mixed.
(4) place batter into piping bag and pipe batter onto baking tray.
(5) top prepared batter with pistachio chunks or roasted coconut shreds.
(6) finally, bake at preheated oven 175-180'C for about 10-12mins or till brown.
(7) leave them cool before removing them.

These cookies are really really crispy and flavourful.......and less buttery as well. I have never tried anything like this before. The texture is totally different from the one made by plain flour. I think you shouldn't miss this out. Probably, this will be one wonderful & healthy gift for friends & family members during the coming festive season too. Enjoy & have fun!
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