Nasi Lemak Kukus @ Steamed Coconut Rice

What is the best food to go along with my previous homemade kampung sambal ? What else ? Of coz, it's the Malaysian most popular breakfast......nasi lemak. Nasi lemak is widely sold almost every corner of Malaysia. It is even served at most of our local 5 star hotels. Nasi lemak is an aromatic rice dish cooked in coconut milk which served with some side dishes including fried anchovies, roasted peanuts, hard boiled egg, cucumber or sometimes even salted fish. And some food stall even serving nasi lemak kukus  or steamed coconut rice. And this is what I'm going to make today.

Ingredients for Steam coconut rice :
2 cups  white rice
1-1/3 cup   coconut milk
salt to taste
a few screwpine leaves

Method :
(1) place leaves to the preheated steamer, rinse & wash rice and then steam for 20 mins over medium heat. (It's best to use a bamboo basket lined with banana leaf or cheese cloth)
(2) remove steamed rice from steamer then soak into clean water for about 3-4 hours to let the rice expand (it's best to steam rice at night & soak in water overnight then you can steam it early in the morning).
(3) again steam the rice for another 15 mins.
(4) remove steamed rice from steamer then immediately stir in coconut milk + salt mixture, let the rice stand for 10 mins (to let coconut milk cook in hot steamed rice instantly) or till you can smell the aroma before serving.
(5) finally serve with roasted peanuts, fried anchovies, cucumber slices, hard boiled eggs & my homemade kampung sambal.

Ingredients for Rice cooker Coconut Rice :
2 cups  white rice or basmati rice
1 cup  coconut milk
1 cup  water
1  stalk lemongrass, cut short & roughly smashed
2-3 slices  ginger
1 screwpine leaf (daun pandan)
 a pinch of salt

Method :
Combine all ingredients into rice cooker pot and let to cook. Tips : always remember to measure your rice & water with the same cup as the exact ratio of 1 : 1. For cooking over gas stove, add in an extra 1/2 cup of water.
I bet this looks totally irresistible ! I'll have to say this is a very satisfying meal.
I'm sending this to Sharon @ Muhibbah Malaysian Monday.


  1. Hi Kristy this looks amazing...perfect with your home made kampung sambal. This is one dish that I am really wanting to try! I might have to try to make it myself!

    I am still at work but all the kids are gone,so I am doing my data imput on the computer. Then I have to go across town to collect my daughter and puppy from my husband's shop. Then have to pick up a few things for dinner and go home and make dinner. Then do dishes and whatever else that has to be done, like a load of laundry...anyway I am happy to have caught your new made me smile!

  2. This is one of my most favourite meals. I could have it for breakfast, lunch and dinner!!

  3. Drooling now :) yea long time didn't cook this coconut rice and sambal . Must cook this one of these days. Thanks for sharing your version. Have a nice day Kristy :)

  4. Hello Kristy, this looks so tempting and delicious... wish I could have a plate :)

  5. Yes, they look very tempting no doubt about that!

  6. yummmm if plus petai then heavenly

  7. It's been a long time since I've had nasi lemak. Your plate of nasi lemak is sooo appetising!

  8. What a lovely looking nasi lemak! I love the look of your sambal very much, will try to cook it once my kitchen is ready.

  9. It sounds delicious and your presentation is really gorgeous. Thanks!

  10. Where did you get that adorable puppy picture on your header.

  11. I love the idea of using coconut milk to make the steamed rice. Must be extremely flavourful and delicious.

  12. Just come back from Bali trip, the first thing I wanted to eat of course is my favorite nasi lemak, no time to cook yet, let me eat your yummy nasi lemak first.,

  13. Kristy, I am making this dish ASAP! I love the idea of coconut milk in the rice. Wonder why I've never tried that?

  14. I cannot imagine having rice for breakfast only for dinner. This though sounds so interesting I might try it as a lunch dish. No chance of finding a screwpine leaf here, will it taste OK without it? The other ingredients are no peoblem
    Have a good day Diane

  15. The flavor must be so wonderful in this rice. So simple. Thanks for sharing it on foodie friday. Always great to hear from you.

  16. Hi Kristy, love your nasi lemak kukus, sure look yummylicious.
    Wish I can have a plate now. :)

  17. i didnt know this method of soaking the rice. thanks for sharing!


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