Cost Saving Shower Cream / Body Wash

Sorry guys.....there will be no food recipe today. Guess What??? Kristy is out of her mind again.....she's trying to make her own shower cream. LOL. Can you believe it ! haha..... Yeah, that's ME ! It happened when I accidentally bump into a few sites that trying to make their own shower gel. I immediately inspired by the idea. Besides, I have everything in for what reason I not to.

This is how the mixture look after stayed  for overnight. It actually hardened cause I added in 3 TB of glycerine instead of 2TB and ended up adding in extra water and then hand mix it. Looks a bit crumby but overall is still great.

And here's what I did.
Ingredients : (for 6-7 ~ 1L bottles)
16 cups   water
3  soap bars, grated
2 TB  glycerine (food grade) ~ you can easily get this from any bakery shop

Method :  Place everything into a big pot and bring it to boil, then simmer over low heat for about 20 mins or till everything melted. The mixture will look watery but it's ok. It will be thickened slowly after cooled for overnight. If the mixture is too thick, you can add in extra water to get the consistency as desired by using a hand mixer.
* you can keep the mixture into plastic bags which is easier for refilling the bottles on later days.

I spent more than RM10 per bottle of 800ml-1L shower cream (for branded) and RM6-7 for refill on each purchase. After some calculation, I actually spent more than RM20 per month on it and sometimes more. And the supply is only for four persons. But now, I am saving more. I only spent about RM4 on 3 bars of soap and RM2 on glycerine. And what I got from that RM6 is 7 bottles of shower cream which can be last for at least 2 months supply. Hey, what a cool thing to do!

The result is excellence ! Very foamy. I actually ran straight to the bathroom and give it a try. Have no regret at all. If for dry skin or for extra fragrance, you can blend in some essential oil. Then for body scrub, you can add in some grind dried fruits or nuts or even oat hulls. You just name it ! Hope this will help. Enjoy the fun guys.
* Here's the links to more DIY info, please click here & here.
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