Telur Sambal Hijau @ Green Sambal With Egg

I was introduced to this special home cooked dish about a week ago. Some calling this as Indon version sambal. I often take spicy food but never had I tried it this way. I mean cooking with beaten eggs !!! I immediately falling in love with it. I was so surprise with the outcome and quickly spoon some over to hubby's plate. He likes it too but not totally crazy about it. (cheeky guy!haha..... He said the fried anchovies are much too soft. That was because my dear friend cooking the fried anchovies and chili paste at the same time, where the juices produced by the paste is the main factor.  So, I've avoid cooking them both together and here's what I did.

Ingredients :
1 large onion, sliced
100gm  dried anchovies, washed
2 eggs, beaten
salt to taste

Ingredients for chili paste :
30 bird eye chili
5 shallot
5 cloves garlic
5 slices ginger
(grind everything together till slightly smooth)

Method :
(1) fry the anchovies till brown & crunchy, set aside.
(2) by using the same wok or pan, try to reduce some of the oil and then saute the large onion till fragrant.
(3) stir in the chili paste and cook over high heat till the mixture became nearly dry.
(4) now, add in salt & beaten eggs and let to cook for about 5 mins & stir constantly.Add in a bit cooking oil if the mixture is too dry.
(5) once it's ready, off the heat and stir in fried anchovies, mix well & serve.

Isn't it simple & easy to prepare ? I bet anyone who loves spicy food will definitely fall in love with this as well. Don't wait ! Just go and try them yourself. Enjoy !
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