Thai Seafood Green Curry With Chili Sauce Fried Rice

I am actually scratching my head not knowing what to prepare for my family dinner last night. The worst thing was there's not much food storage in my refrigerator lately cause I've been away too often. Hubby just won't missed a chance to leave me behind whenever he goes fishing these days. >o< However, found some leftover frozen prawns & fish fillet and some green curry paste in my fridge. Oh well..... I guess I just found us dinner. hehe..... And dig out some leftover rice as well from the rice pot which is best for making fried rice. I was thinking to make tom yum fried rice at the beginning but after further consideration, I don't think tom yum fried rice will goes well with Thai green curry. So, made up my mind making us chili sauce fried rice which tastes a bit sweet & spicy.....weird match up but quite scrumptious though.

Honestly, I simply adored this Thai green curry. The tasty & aromatic gravy just tempted me to crave for more each time. And I especially love having it with pasta (Thai green curry pasta recipe). I'm sure there are more fancy Thai green curry recipes to share with.... hopefully to find out more. >o<

And here's what I did for mine.
Ingredients for Thai Seafood Green Curry :
2 round eggplants, wedged
200gm  prawns, shelled
300gm  white fish fillet, cut into chunk size
3 kaffir leaves, sliced
5 TB  green curry paste
1 cup  water
1/2 cup  coconut milk
1 TB  sugar
2 TB  fish sauce
handful of basil leaves
salt to taste
1 large lime juice

Method :
(1)  preheat frying pan or wok with 2 TB cooking oil, pan fried eggplants till tender & fragrant  Note: less oil for cooking eggplant gives better result. Set aside.
(2) for making green curry gravy, please refer here. Saute prawns & cooked eggplants together with green curry paste and follow the rest of the process after that. Then only add in fish fillet when the gravy is almost ready and let to cook for 10 mins before serving.

Ingredients for Chili Sauce Rice :
4 cups  cooked rice
2/3 cup  chili sauce, any brand
salt & pepper to taste
cooking oil

Method :
(1)  preheat frying pan with 3TB cooking oil over medium heat, then stir in chili sauce and salt & pepper.
(2) add in rice and stir the mixture till well combined.
(3) off the heat and prepare for serving.

*Note : I personally prefer Thai style chili sauce (from 'Life' branding) which is more tasty & addictive.

Preparation for Omelette :
Prepare two(2) beaten eggs. Preheat a frying pan with a dash of cooking oil over medium heat. Pour in beaten eggs and let to flow throughout the pan till thin & nice. Remove omelette once its cooked or set.

Preparation for wrapping the rice :
Place omelette to a rice bowl then fill in the bowl with chili sauce fried rice. Slightly press down the rice to make it firm & nice. Then cover rice with the overflow omelette. Finally, place rice by up side down to a serving plate....and serving it with Thai seafood green curry.
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