'Heong Dei Mei' With Fresh Water Prawns & A Giveaway

Hubby bought a few kilos of live fresh water prawns on our last trip travelling during the Chinese New Year, at Tanjung Tualang, Perak state. Tanjung Tualang is a very small town and large fresh water prawns is  the main attraction of this area. These prawns are widely breed since many years ago at most of the abandon tin mining area. These fresh water prawns are actually hubby's fishing bait. hehe..... However, there's still some dead ones after a long distance travelling. He doesn't mind I used some of them. I have to plan wisely cause only limited prawns I have in hand. It actually reminds me of using it on 'heong dei mei' (in cantonese) or 'xiang de mee' (in mandarin). Whereas, both brings the meaning as fragrant deep fried vermicelli  hidden below. Well, I guess the pictures says it all ! :o)

These are the fried vermicelli that I made my own. I used roughly about 400gm vermicelli for frying. Slightly loosen the vermicelli and then fry them over high heat till nicely expend.

This vegetable is called as aromatic celtuce under the lettuce family. I love it stir fried especially with fermented bean curd or 'fu yu'. Since I was out of other green vegetables, I'll try this on my vermicelli.

(Recipe serving 3-4 persons)
Ingredients for prawns gravy :
3 cups  water
10 pcs  fresh water prawns, trimmed
1 small fish cake, cut small (optional)
salt & pepper to taste (I used 1/3 tspn salt)
1/3 tspn  vegetables granules
1 egg, roughly beaten
2 TB  chopped garlic
some aromatic celtuce leaves, cut small (as desired)
*thickening : 3 TB  water mixed with 1 TB  tapioca starch

Method :
(1) preheat frying pan or wok with 3 TB cooking oil, then stir in garlic and saute till fragrant (lightly brown).
(2) add in prawns & any other meat, cook till the prawns turned red.
(3) now, add in water, salt & pepper and vegetables granules, and bring it to boil over high heat.
(4) finally, stir in celtuce & thickening, let to cook for about a minute over medium heat or till the gravy became slightly thicken.
(5) off the heat, add in egg and let to stand for 2 minutes before stirring the gravy.
(6) now, pour gravy over to the serving plate with fried vermicelli and serve hot.

Hmmm...mmm..... I really enjoy having it hot especially while the fried vermicelli still crispy crunch. It tasted so scrumptious. But of course, the fried vermicelli will turned soft quite fast due to its rapid absorption efficiency and that is why more gravy is recommended. My family can easily finish off one kilo of vermicelli in one round. I could say its quite addictive. Hope you guys will love it too ! Enjoy.

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