Sugee Pound Cake With Strawberry Sauce Topping

2014 Chinese New Year is a very special year other than celebrating the western & eastern Valentine's day the same day, On this year, I finally be able to celebrate it with my eldest aunt (my dad eldest sibling)  & her youngest son, my cousin brother & his family. They normally drop by on the 3rd day of every New Year but this year they came early. It was so nice to have them around on this special day. As the Chinese says "the more joining in the family the merrier". My cousin brother gifted a sugee cake he bought from KL. This is my first time ever tasted a smooth & soft kind of sugee cake. The smell of condensed milk is simply unforgettable. The cake is really moist. And finally, something actually inspired me to bake out of my oven so desperately. Its unlike any other sugee cake I've seen at the website whereas only sugee flour is used. However, I'll skip the condensed milk for this recipe and will soon make one with condensed milk for comparison soon after.

On the other hand, as a special surprise, I received a package from NuNaturals one day before Valentine's Day, They sent me some new products included NuNaturals Cherry & Cherry Vanilla Flavoured Liquid, NuNaturals Lo Han Supreme Liquid and NuNaturals Oat Fiber for sampling. Lo Han Supreme Liquid is the most interesting one that I found in the package. The pleasant tasting of this Lo Han  is actually came from Lo Han Guo or Monk fruit. Wow...Can't wait to try them soon. Thanks so much NuNaturals for sending me such interesting products.

And here's what I did.
Ingredients :
250gm   butter, softened
250gm  sugar
7  egg yolks
170ml  full cream milk
5 drops  NuNaturals Cherry Stevia 
1/4 cup  almond mealed
350gm   all purpose flour
250gm   sugee flour/semolina flour
2 tspn    baking powder

(B) 7  egg white, whisked till stiff & foamy

(C) 1 cup   strawberry sauce for topping

Method :
(1) for ingredients (A) mix together flour, sugee flour & baking powder. stir well.
(2) now, cream butter & sugar till pale then slowly beat in egg yolk one at a time till well combined.
(3) then stir in flour mixture & milk alternately till everything well combined.
(4) finally, add in almond mealed & vanilla drops and mixed well.
(5) now, fold in ingredient (B) in three batches till everything well combined.
(6) pour batter into two separate 3x3x9" baking tray lined with parchment paper.
(7) spread the top with strawberry jam and bake at preheated oven 170'C for about 50-60 mins.or till set.

The one my cousin brother bought was a blueberry topping sugee cake. I used strawberry instead. It looks great eventhough the festive season already over. haha..... Cause the Chinese believes that RED will brings good luck & fortune.

Finally, the cake is ready for slicing. Just couldn't wait any longer to give it a bite !

Emmm...... The texture of this cake is beautiful but a bit dense. Still feels like something is missing.... yeah.... the condensed milk !  By the way, stay tune for some lovely giveaway after this. Enjoy & have a great day guys.


  1. The cake has turned out beautiful, Kristy.

  2. The cake looks lovely. I love the red swirls! Did I read that correctly - 7 egg yolks? My poor heart :-)

  3. I haven't try baking sugee in butter cake. Going to try one day. Thanks for the sharing!

  4. Hi Kristy, I think the cakes look beautiful and the crumbs are just the way I like it!

  5. Very tempting clicks ........... Looks so yummy!

  6. Hi Kristy! Happy New year! Sorry haven't been dropping by for so long! Hope all is well with you ;) I smell delicious sugee cake!! And guess what, I too received a box of Nunatural goodies too! Your recipe is just what I need! Thanks haha! Have a great weekend ahead my friend! ;)

  7. I like the swirls of strawberry jam on the top of the cake.

  8. Wow love your cake with those strawberry swirls!

  9. Hi Kristy, What a beautiful cake and with added strawberry sauce, this is simply delicious :)

  10. Oh, Kristy, your cake looks and sounds delicious. I'd love a slice now...


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