Vegan Banana Quick Bread

No matter what season I am into, there always free fruits coming from everywhere. Jealous? haha.... Well, banana is often received from friends and neighbours all year round. But you will definitely have nightmares when you have too much of them. haha... However, there always somewhere to go when they ended up in my kitchen. So, it isn't a problem! Now, what comes to your mind when I mentioned about quick bread? The word QUICK already telling you the whole thing, right ! Bread is commonly known as a long hours processing baked item which certain fermentation needed. And quick bread is the easiest bread ever, no yeast needed but baking powder & baking soda are used as quick leavening agent instead. If you needed a change in your routine breakfast, this might be the one on the list. Here I come BANANA.... don't go away.

Ingredients :
280gm  all purpose flour
1 tspn   baking powder
1/2 tspn baking soda
100gm   brown sugar
1/2 tspn  salt

(B)  100ml   coconut milk + 1 tspn  vinegar

(C)  115gm  margarine,  melted

(D)  3 bananas, mashed
       1 tspn  vanilla paste / essence

(E)  1/2 cup  raisins
       handful of almond slices

Method :
(1) place ingredients (A) into a big mixing bowl and mix well.
(2) stir together coconut milk & vinegar till well mixed and set aside.
(3) now, pour mixture (D), (C) & (B) into (A) and mix to combined then stir in raisins.
(4) pour batter into 4x4x7" tray lined with parchment paper, top with almond slices then bake at preheated oven 165"C for about 60-70 minutes or till nicely brown.

The best bread for a healthy living and more over, its a vegan quick bread. What more do you ask for ! All I need is just a big spread of butter on it. Yummm..... Hope you guys are having a fabulous week ahead. Enjoy !
I'm sending this to Foodie Friday.


  1. Yes, jealous! The banana bread looks delicious!

  2. I always have overripe bananas in my house too especially towards the weekend. It will end up in banana bread :)

  3. Hi Kristy , wish I could grab a hunk off the screen , going tomorrow , picking up some over-rope bananas and making my family a treat . Thanks for sharing :)

  4. got some over ripe bananas , maybe can give this lovely bead a try :)

  5. Yummy! This bread look amazing!

  6. Love that its vegan! Looks healthy and delicious.

  7. here i come, kristy! one slice please ..LOL!

  8. Vegan is good, I can do with more healthy bakes...pass me a slice please:) If it's not all gone already!

  9. Some weeks back, it was my first experience with vegan food and it didn't taste that bad at all. So I am sure your Vegan Banana bread is just as good.

  10. Your banana bread looks super, Kristy.

  11. I love this bread. It looks delicious:). Thanks for sharing.

  12. This loaf looks rather delish. Free fruits - I'd be happy for some to come my way.

  13. What a happy problem! And you have made it look inviting; I don't mind having this problem too : ).

  14. Pretty impressive bread for vegan.. thanks for bringing it to foodie friday. pinning.


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