Homemade Gluten Puffs @ Wheat Gluten Food 自制面筋

Gluten is the strong, sticky, stretchy protein that is form when wheat flour & water mix together. Wheat Gluten or seitan food (麵筋 'mien jin' in Mandarin) is very popular among the vegetarian & non vegetarian all over in Asia, as it can be used in many way of cooking. The Chinese has been using the hydrated wheat gluten or seitan as meat substitute ingredients for more than hundreds of years. However, wheat gluten is not suitable to those whom has digestion problem as you may suffer hours of bloating. I have learnt making this gluten puffs from my neighbour for the very first time when I was 14 and this is my 2nd attempt after 31 years. haha.... Can you believe that ! I was told that by adding in boiling water into flour will helps to generate better wheat gluten. Then later days, I was told to add in salt as well for better result. Anyway, I tried it my way this time and here's what happened.

Ingredients :
1 kg   bread flour / high protein flour
600ml   warm water or hot water
2 TB  salt

*if possible get a packet of wheat gluten flour instead of using bread flour for better result.

Method :  Combine flour together with salt then stir in water to form a soft & smooth dough. Then cover dough & let to rest for 5-8 hours.

The dough became soft & elastic after 5 hours of fermentation. However, it still best to work on the flour the night before and let to rest overnight.

Finally, I started washing the dough after 5 hours of fermentation. The dough must be handle with care. Gently squeeze & knead the dough in a big pot of  water. Try to hold & keep them into one piece at all times. Discharge the milky or starchy water away and repeatedly changing the water for about 8-10 times. Or till the wheat starch has totally melts into water.

This is how the wheat gluten dough looks after changing the water for the 5th time. You can clearly seen the gluten formed. Nicely form into one piece.

Oh wow.... at last, the wheat gluten has turned out perfectly. Make sure the wheat gluten is nicely drained before cutting them.

I then keep the wheat gluten refrigerated for about 2 hours before cutting.

Finally, fry the wheat gluten till golden brown over low heat. Flip the puffs on & off gradually. Make sure they're all nicely expand.

Ta...da..... here's my 100% homemade gluten puffs. Absolutely gorgeous. Aren't they ?
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