Alkaline~Free Jaggery Sugar Kuih Kosui

Happy New Year 2015 everyone !!!! Wow.... another year gone by, just imagine how time flies. Hopefully, 2015 will bring peace to the whole wide world.... NO WAR, NO more killing & NO more terrifying disaster. As this is my first post on year 2015, I'm bringing in a simple and yet homey type of Malaysian food as a start. Kuih kosui is one of the many famous sweet delicacies of Malaysia. Its an easy and yet delicious gluten-free recipe. Hopefully year 2015 as sweet & wonderful as it is !

Come on, lets start the party.

Ingredients :
50gm  rice flour
30gm   tapioca flour
20gm   wheat starch (tung fun)
300ml   water

200ml   water
130gm   gula merah / Jagerry sugar
2 TB   sugar
2 pcs pandanus leaves

For coating :  1 cup  young grated coconut mix with 1 tspn  salt then steam for 10 minutes before used.

Method :
(1) combine ingredients (A) & mix well then set aside.
(2) next, heat ingredients (B) till sugar dissolved then discharge pandanus leaves.
(3) now, pour mixture (B) into (A) and keep on stirring till everything well mixed then heat mixture till thicken. (Note : off the heat immediately once the mixture started to thicken. Keep on stirring as it will became thick paste.)
(4) place the thick batter to individual cups then steam for 15-20 minutes or till the center set.
(5) leave to cool then use a teaspoon to tip out the kuih from moulds, and serve with grated coconut.

I prefer to roll & coat them with grated coconut this way.

Hmmm.... just love the combination between the sweet & fragrant jaggery sugar flavour with salty coconut. I can easily polish them all off.all by myself. >o<  Bet it will be perfect for those gluten-free food taster. So, enjoy everyone and am sending my best wishes & blessings to all my readers. May 2015 brings good health & peace to everyone.
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