Reserved Forest Lesong ~ Sg Kacah Putih

After so many years, I finally be able to visit Reserved Forest of Lesong last weekend for a 4 days 3 nights stay. It was an amazing trip with some other friends. The top picture is the 1st camp side at Sg. Sekin (up steam) It was as beautiful as always. We stopped by to take an hour break then continued on our journey.

Now, here comes our semi hardcore journey. Luckily, it's not rainy season. Otherwise, the route is probably going to be very very slippery and it will take hours to reach to the top. I've been looking forward to visit our last camp side again (3rd camp side) but too bad we have lost track of it.

After a two hours ride, we finally found the entrance. Hubby went into the small path to check with it but still not sure. However, I managed to take down this picture while hubby was away checking on the track. Its the best catch of the day. It was a large deer foot print. We actually bump into one barking deer (kijang) along the way as well. Anyway, everyone suggested to go along with the track for further discovery and we started moving again after a short while.

It was so exciting. Not knowing what is waiting infront of us !!!

Oh wow.... I am totally speechless when I reached this place. The camp side is absolutely stunning ever and its the 5th camp side. Just imagine how tiny we are in this forest !  So, just don't mess up with them. Always keep the place clean & tidy.

Another best catch of the day,  a stunning view of a dead tree along the river.

I found this weird looking stone nearby our camp side. It looks so much like a big foot !

And here's the view of the other side of our camp side. Chilling environment !

One of my favourite photo.

On the 3rd day, after preparing dinner hubby & me heading to down stream to his fishing spot. Its another gorgeous view ever.

And finally, we reached the fishing spot around 7pm. I managed to take this picture before getting dark. The empty space opposite the river is the 4th camp side where hubby used to camp there with his friends.

And hubby finally caught a red mahseer (Ikan kelah merah) on the same night around 8pm.

On the same day, a friend managed to took this picture while he tracking down stream with some other friends. This gigantic tiger foot print picture was taken nearby the 3rd camp side.... with another baby cub foot print as well.

And hubby also found these 'Bunga Engkabang' or scientific name as Shorea Macrophylla around the fishing spot in the monring. These ''Bunga Engkabang' from Lesong is a bit different from the Kahang ones.

And these 'Bunga Engkabang' is from Kahang. There are actually a few species of them and the small ones are the Emburau's (Masheer fish) favourite food.

Finally, the camping trip has come to an end. We are all packed up & getting ready to leave. I will definitely visit again. Can't wait to discover more exciting foot prints in future and of course, the real thing sounds even better. hehe....  Hope you guys enjoying it as well ! Have a great week ahead everyone.
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