Kluang Mooncake Copycat

There are actually a few very popular Chinese Pastry shop & restaurants in Kluang selling very delicious mooncakes during the mid-autumn season which is just after the hungry ghost festival. They're including Yu Kang Restaurant, Nam Yik Food Trading, Yuen Fatt Biscuit & Tong Huat Confectionaery  (More info from here) These are the four most popular mooncake selling shops in Kluang. And the origin creation of the famous rugby shape mooncake is actually came from Yuen Fatt Biscuit. According to my sister-in-law whom is staying in Kluang, she has difficulty buying Yuen Fatt mooncakes every year cause of the long queue & mostly are fully booked. Their mooncakes sold out within hours daily, also meaning that they don't keep the pastry overnight. Same to the other three shops as well ! So far, I've tried the mooncake from Nam Yik. Gosh, it was indeed delicious especially their red bean mooncake. Its fresh, soft & fragrant. Long queue as well !  Guess, I have to push myself to make Yuen Fatt mooncakes right in my kitchen. And I did.

I'm trying out the pandan flavour which is quite popular too.

Ingredients for Shanghai crust dough :
250gm  butter, at room temperature
60gm  icing sugar
2 egg yolks
320gm  all purpose flour
1 tspn   pandanus concentrate extract

*Dou yong fillings :  750gm (mung bean fillings)

Method :
(1) cream butter & icing sugar till fluffy then add in egg yolk & pandanus extract and continued stirring by adding in the flour till soft dough is formed.
(2) wrap dough with plastic sheet then keep refrigerated for 30 minutes or till set.
(3) meanwhile, divide dou yong fillings into 5 portions about 150gm each and roll them into oblong shape  with both sharp end then set aside.
(4) now, bring crust dough onto working table and divide into 5 portions as well, roughly 125gm each.
(5) by using a plastic sheet, flatten dough between the sheet and place in dou yong fillings.

(6) then wrap dough around dou yong filling and seal nicely.

(7) once its sealed, smooth the dough between the sheet then place it to baking tray.
(8) draw the surface with a fork to produce the mark, then brush on egg glazing and finally bake at preheated oven 180'C for about 20-25 minutes or till the top nicely brown.

(9) once its done, leave aside to cool completely before slicing them, otherwise, both the crust & filling is too soft to be separated.

Hubby loves Shanghai mooncake a lot and I let him try one of my freshly baked mooncake straight away. Nom...nom..nom.... and he said "darling, please don't change the recipe..... this mooncake is absolutely delicious. Don't change the recipe OK !" OK ! hehe.... Guess, project passed ! However, the filling is still sticky soft & warm inside when I cut it. Its not completely cooled yet. I personally love eating it this way especially when the filling is still soft & warm. No worries, the mooncake turned out just wonderful after completely cooled. Hope you guys will love it too. Have a great week ahead everyone !
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