Garlic Salt Pan Fried Prawns 咸蒜粉干煎虾

Chinese New Year is almost over and tomorrow will be the last day of the whole season. We also called it as 'chop goh mei'.or 'yuan xiao jie'. You may also refer here for more wonderful stories regarding the legend. I actually prepared this delicious prawns dish the day just before my girl went back to University. She is craving for home cooked meal. I want to prepare something simple and yet healthy for her. Thank goodness, I made this ! I could only say one word..... ADDICTIVE !

Ingredients :
1/2 kg  medium size prawns, washed & trimmed
1 tspn  garlic salt powder
cooking oil

Method :
(1) preheat frying pan or wok with just enough cooking oil to fry the prawns.
(2) once its ready, dry the prawns with kitchen towel.then immediately place them to preheated frying pan.
(3)  try to fry them in few batches till beautifully red.
(4)  place all pan fried prawns to a big plate then sprinkle on the garlic salt powder and shake till everything is well cooperated.
(5) finally, serve it with cheese & mayonnaise sauce.

My kids wallop all of them and making me a happy mom. They love it so much ! And I'm sure you will too. Enjoy !


  1. Hi Kristy,

    Happy belated chop goh mei! Your daughter is at Uni already!!! Lucky you!!! You are such a wonderful mum cooking this delicious for your daughter :D


  2. My mouth is watering! This is the best way to prepare prawn.

  3. Hi Kristy
    These simple, yummy, additive garlic salt prawns make me drooling.
    Thanks for the recipe,I had sent it to my to do list.


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