Lotus Paste Red Bean Longan Red Dates Jelly Mooncake 红豆桂圆红枣菜燕月饼

A few days back I tried one batch agar-agar mooncake with mangoes and the result is really satisfying. And later yesterday, I tried another batch with my homemade red bean longan red date paste. Gosh, it turns out as wonderful too. The outer layer of red bean is smooth and delicious and the lotus paste filling is a double bonus too.

And here's what I did.
Ingredients :
280gm   lotus paste, divide into 35gm each

Note :  wrap lotus paste with plastic sheet then press it with a round mini size mooncake mould to shape it. Unwrapped paste and set aside.

Ingredient for lotus paste fillings : (for 8 pieces)
250ml  water
100ml  evaporated milk
2-1/2 TB  sugar
3 tspn  agar-agar powder
pandanus leaves, rinsed
8 muffin cups

Ingredients for red bean layer : (for 4 pieces)
300ml  water
100ml  coconut milk
80gm  sugar
2-1//2 tspn  agar-agar powder
130gm  Homemade red bean longan red dates paste
pandanus leaves, rinsed

Method :
(1) put together all ingredients for fillings and bring it to boil till everything totally dissolved. Discharged pandan leaves.
(2) pour one tablespoon agar-agar mixture to each muffin cups and let it set (for about 3 minutes).
(3) then place lotus paste to the center of the cup and top each with the remaining agar-agar mixture till the paste is well covered. Set aside to cool till set.
(4) now,  put together all ingredients for red bean layer and bring it to boil till everything totally dissolved.
(5) discharged pandan leaves then place about 1-1/2 TB red bean hot mixture to each mooncake mould and let to set (for about 3 minutes).
(7)  when ready, place lotus paste to the center of the mould and fill each with the remaining red bean agar-agar mixture till the filling is well covered.
(8) keep the agar-agar mooncakes refrigerated till set.
(9) finally, unmould the agar-agar mooncakes and serve cold.

So, here's my babies !  Loving them so much. Hope you will like it too. Enjoy & have a great day everyone.


  1. They look beautiful and just like those classic mooncakes.


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