Pan Fried Red Beans Sesame Sweet Rice Cake 土豆糯米煎饼

After blogging for so many years, this is something that I picked up from my list to do yesterday. Another word for sweet rice is glutinous rice. This sweet rice dessert is quite popular among the Asian countries and it is usually serve with red bean filling.  Unlike the fried glutinous ball,  the texture is soft and moist due to the additional of mashed potato. I'm glad it is well received by everyone. So, here's what I did.

Ingredients :
200gm  glutinous rice flour
200gm   potato, skinned
180ml    water
2 tspn   sugar
1 TB  cooking oil
1 cup   sesame seeds

Fiilings :  350gm homemade red beans paste (divide into 30gm each and round them into balls)

Method :
(1)  cut & boil potato till tender, then drain & mashed till smooth.
(2)  combine glutinous rice flour, sugar and mashed potato into a big bowl and mix till potato is well cooperated with flour.
(3)  next, stir in water bit by bit till soft dough is formed.

(4)  now, divide dough roughly about 50gm each and fill in the read bean paste then round them into balls.
(5)  then coat each balls with sesame seeds and flattened it straight away.

(6)  preheat frying pan with just enough cooking oil and pan fry dough till golden brown.

This sweet rice snack is best to serve warm. Thumbs up with the homemade red bean paste ! Hope you guys will love it too. Happy weekend !


  1. Seems i can try these. I have glutinous flour and I made red bean taste a week ago.

  2. The glutinous rice flour - is it the raw one or the cooked one?

  3. One of my favourites, love anything with glutinous rice flour!

  4. Hi Delia,
    I'm using the raw glutinous flour. The cooked ones called 'tang fun'!



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