Classy Duo Steamed Egg Tofu @ 简单双蒸豆腐蛋

I know I've been away for too long and should catch up quickly. Taking the opportunity to cook and bake more while the kids are around. Yeap, I need them to help me to polish off all the food. haha.... I was inspired by this recipe while checking up the fb page some time ago. Something ordinary turns into extra-ordinary unexpectedly LOL !  Trust me, you'll be amazed. >o<

Here's what I did.
Ingredients :
one block  soft pressed tofu
2 large eggs
2 shallots, thinly sliced
3 garlic cloves, finely chopped
50gm   dried shrimp, soaked
cilantro for garnish
1 TB  light soy sauce for seasoning

Method :
(1)  steam soft tofu for 10 minutes then drained off the excess water.
(2)  break the eggs and place it next to tofu, as shown below picture.

(3)  now, steam egg & tofu for about 5 minutes or till egg is set, as shown below picture.

(4) on the other hand, drain and rinse dried shrimp then pound it till breaks into small chunk.
(5) preheat the wok with 4TB of cooking oil, saute shallots and pounded dried shrimp at the same time till about to brown. Now only add in chopped garlic and continue saute till golden brown.

(6) next, discharge cooked shallot, dried shrimp and garlic from cooking oil. Set aside.

(7)  Then transfer about 2 TB of the remaining shallot oil to steamed egg tofu and then top with fried shallot & shrimp. Finally, garnish with cilantro and light soy sauce then serve.

Can you imagine the deliciousness ?  Simple is beautiful, right ! Love it and hope you will too. Enjoy guys.

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