BBQ Char Siu Chicken Thigh @ 叉烧鸡腿

Hi guys, I am back !  After a long rest and I am back. Hopefully, I have more time for this and I also need more inspirations to keep myself motivated. My kids are back for a short break and was busy. Finally, I decided to take a few shoots from my previous cooking and hope you guys will like it. Its been quite a while since the last time I made this, specially for the kids.

Here's what I did.
Ingredients :
2 large chicken thigh
4TB  brown sugar
2TB  shaoxing wine
3TB  light soy sauce
2TB  oyster sauce
1/2 tspn  white pepper
1 tspn  black pepper

Method :
(1)  combine all seasoning together with the chicken thigh into a plastic bag, mix well then let to sit on the kitchen table for 30 minutes before keep chilled for overnight.
(2)  finally, bake chicken thigh for about 40 minutes at 200'C the following day.
(3)  meanwhile, cook the remaining marinade sauce till thick. Then use it to spread on the chicken and continue baking for about 15 minutes at 210'C or till chicken turns nice and brown.

Right ! This is how I wanted my char siu chicken thigh to look like as wishes. Beautifully brown and tasty good.

And I would love to have my special side dish to go along with. Yes, pretty much interesting side dish and my favourite too. Or you may tried the other side dish to go with it too. Please click here for the Asian salad recipe. Hope you guys will love it too !
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