Turmeric Roasted Chicken @ 香喷喷黄姜烤鸡

Weeks after weeks, NO inspiration 。。。Not in mood 。。。 No idea what to cook and bake as well ! Well sometimes just out of the blue, you will come out with something 。。。 haha... yeah, something like this one here turmeric roasted chicken !  Turmeric is widely used around my region and it is a very common ingredient used all times. Hope this recipe will inspire you to cook and bake something nice for your family. Please read on for more.
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You may either use fresh turmeric or in powder form which is hassle free. However, fresh turmeric will gives better aroma.

Ingredients :
1 whole chicken, washed
1 TB  turmeric powder
1 TB  kurma powder mixed
1 tspn  pepper powder
2 tspn  salt
1 TB  honey

Ingredients for blended paste :
3 shallots
1 large onion
1-1/2" ginger
5 cloves garlic
(grind all ingredients to form paste)

Method :
(1)  combine blended paste with all seasoning ingredients and mix well.

(2)  then rub mixture all over the chicken included inner core.
(3) then keep chicken wrap in plastic sheet and keep chilled overnight.
(4) finally, bake at preheated oven 195'C for about 90 minutes with rotate function or till the chicken turns nicely brown.
(5) meanwhile, cook the leftover sauce from the previous ayam percik with 1 cup of cooking oil till the gravy became thick and fragrant. Or just reheat the gravy if you already have one ready.

And here it is !

The roast chicken is so so yummy pairing with this delicious gravy.  Bet you guys will not stop at one serving of rice >o<  And with additional of kerabu mangga @ mango salad ..... gosh, you will probably go insane.
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