Breaded Chicken Cutlet 麵包糠起士雞排饭

My boy came home for a short break two weeks ago. He said he doesn't feel like having anymore malay food and requested me to cook something different. Its not easy to serve a picky eater. However, I did something simple instead. I made him a tom yam fried rice with chicken cutlet and raw salad as side dish. WIN WIN indeed ! haha..... Please read on for more.

Ingredients :
1 whole chicken breast, deboned
1 egg beaten
1-1.2 cup  bread crumb
1 cup corn starch
salt & pepper to taste
1 cup  mozzarella cheese

Method :
(1)  make sure the chicken breast is in perfect shape, no tearing. Then halved it into two pieces and slice the meat in the middle so that you can stuff in the cheese. And make sure one side of the meat is still attached. As picture shown below.

(2) once slicing done, keep the meat open face (as shown below picture) then knock with the meat tenderizer to flatten it.

(3)  now, rub the open surface with salt & pepper then stuff in the cheese between the meat and keep it cover by flip folding the meat, as shown below picture.

(4)  next, coat stuffed meat with corn starch, just to cover the meat, then dip into beaten egg.

(5)  now the final step is to coat the meat with bread crumb. Make sure the meat is well coated.

(6)  preheat a frying pan with 100gm of butter till melted, add in the coated meat and pan fry tilll golden brown over medium heat.

The crust turns out absolutely superb. Salivating !

The school canteen only provides malay food on their daily menu. My boy is actually craving for home cooking. Well, at least mama can provide him good food at home.
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