Danish Pastry 丹麦酥皮包包

I really can't remember when is the last time I made this ! It's a tedious job ever. Don't ever started it if you're in a rough day. haha.....  But this is good to keep you motivated. Your brain will move faster and you won't easily get amnesia by this age, your hands & arm catching up quickly which will helps to burn off the excess fat underneath, your mind set will became clearer to think of something beautiful going to happen soon. I wonder if you are feeling the same way too ! haha..... Please read on for more.
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Ingredients :
420gm  all purpose flour
2-1/2 tspn  yeast
3 TB  fine sugar
2 tspn  salt
270ml  warm milk (50% milk + 50% water)

*250gm  cold butter for laminating

Method :
(1) combine all ingredients (except butter)  into a big bowl and stir to form a soft dough then add in butter continue kneading till everything well cooperated.
(2) shape dough into a ball then keep it into a plastic bag and slightly flatten it  Keep refrigerated for overnight or at least for 8 hours.
(3) for butter, weight the butter then cut into more or less 15 portions,
(4) now, flatten dough by rolling it into 12x24" sheet. Next, arrange butter on one side of the dough. Fold other half dough over to cover the butter and seal the edges and well pleaded. (this is a lazy people method haha..... >o<)
(5) Then flatten it by rolling out into a long rectangle shape for about 12x30".

(6) now, instead of doing the 3 fold I did the 4 folding by placing both end of dough facing the center, as picture shown the above. Then make another folding by placing one overlap the other, as picture shown below. Looking like a 4 layers stacked dough. (I'm using the old photos)

(7) keep dough freeze for 20 minutes after each turn, meaning do the 4 folding for 3 times and keep dough freeze after each turn. This will helps to generate better layers. Next, rotate dough in 90 degrees so that the opening is facing the left or the right and then repeating the same process once and again freeze it for the 2nd time. Try to press dough by rolling pin to flatten it before rolling it out after each freeze.

You will notice the butter block became smaller after each rolling process. Always press to flatten cold dough before rolling it.

For danish pastry, dough is less moisture compare to danish loaf or bread. Not an easy task at all. Its actually pretty challenging !

*Egg glazing : 1 egg yolk mixed with 1 tspn milk
Ingredients for cream cheese filling :
250gm  cream cheese, at room temperature
1 small egg
pinch of salt

Method :
Hand beat cream cheese till creamy then add in yolk & salt, continue beating till well combined. Later on stir in egg white till everything cooperated. Should be in paste like mixture. Set aside.

(8) now, flatten dough into 13x24" sheet, trim off the edges and divide into 4x4" each dough sheet.
(9) next, arrange dough to baking tray lined with baking paper, fold all sharp edges inward to meet at the center dough as picture shown the above. Fill the center with cream cheese paste and top with fruits as desired. Then set aside to rest for 30 minutes.
(10) finally, brush the top with egg glazing then bake at preheated oven 200'C for about 25 minutes (20 minutes on middle rack & 5 minutes on lower rack) or till golden brown.

Gosh, I finally did it again !  Very happy with the ending with crispy crust and delicious filling. Yummm.... Ahhhh ...... This is what I am trying to explain earlier.  Happy thought >o<  By the way, I still think the recipe of danish dough with egg is more delightful.
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