Brown Sugar Hakka Hee Ban 黄糖客家糕点喜粄

To my dearest reader, as promised I am written down the details as requested. However, more practice may helps to make perfect. So, I hope you will try and have fun. Please read on for more.

Ingredients :
150gm   all purpose flour
130gm   glutinous rice flour
1 tspn   yeast
40gm   fine sugar
50gm   gula merah/palm sugar
1 tspn  dark soy sauce
100gm  water
100gm  hot water
2 tspn   cooking oil

* extra cooking for coating
* some banana leaves for lining or silicon sheets

Method :
(1)  combine both sugar & dark soy sauce into hot water till dissolved, then stir in water & yeast and let to rest for 5 minutes. But before adding in the yeast, make sure the water is not too warm. Otherwise the yeast won't be able to survive there. (feel with your fingertips)
(2)  now, combine flour & glutinous rice flour till well mixed then stir in cooking oil and knead till smooth. At this stage the dough is slightly sticky, let to rest for 5 minutes.

(3)  as dough will be slightly sticky as picture shown the above, use a plastic scraper to do the work and divide dough into 10 equal portions.

(4) next, round dough as position given as follow.

Step.1 ~ press center of dough and push the side inwards and then again push another side inward to form a ball on one end. The pushing will force the round end to release excess air and to form smooth surface.

Step.2 ~ now, a ball will be formed then rub with cooking oil and round it nicely.
Step.3 ~ place it to a steamer tray lined with banana leaf and let to rest for 25-30 minutes. Do not over proof, as more bubbles to be formed the higher the shrinkage.

Smooth surface ..... licin licin kilat kilat >o<

Finally, steamed at preheated steamed for 12 minutes. Once its done, off the heat and let it sit in the steamer for 1-2 minutes before transferring out. This will reduce shrinkage. See, the outcome very very cantik and licin the face (means beautiful & smooth), right ! haha.....  Hope this will help. Have fun !
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