Homemade Sambal @ Malaysian Chili Sauce 自家叁巴酱

I made some sambal sauce today to stock up for my daily cooking. I normally will make in batches once in 2 months time or sometimes once in six months. Though I don't use it everyday, just stock up for emergency >o<  You never know, right ! haha.....  Please read on for more.

Note : Kindly contact through email if you have any questions. Thank you.

From the kitchen of My Little Space >o<
Ingredients :
40 dried chilies, cut and washed
10  red chilies, seeded & sliced
8  shallots (medium size), sliced
5 cloves  garlic
3 stalk   lemongrass, take only the white part & sliced
1/2" toasted Belacan
2 tspn  asam paste (Adabi asam paste)
some water
salt to taste
1 tspn  granules
1-1/2 cup   cooking oil
2 TB  gula melaka/brown sugar

Method :
(1)  after cut and washing dried chilies, then cook it over medium heat till soft about 15 minutes. Discharge chilies from hot water to reduce the seeds from going together.
(2)  next, blend dried chilies, red chilies, shallots, garlic & lemongrass with some water into paste.
(3)  now, heat up work with cooking oil and cook blended paste over medium heat.
(4)  while the mixture starts bubbling, add in the salt to helps in putting away the unpleasant smell from the dried chilies. Continue cooking till you can see the separation between oil and mixture.
(5)  now, add in asam paste, belacan, gula melaka, granules  and some water, continue cooking over medium-low heat.
(6)  once the chili paste became thick & fragrant and you can clearly see the oil separation. That's mean it is ready.
(7)  off the heat and leave cool before bottling.

I love to make stir fried bihun or vermicelli with the leftover oil from the wok after preparing the sambal.  You may add a little more sambal to the bihun as personal preference & taste.  An extra lime juice or calamansi juice will definitely tempted me for more. Simply love it ..... yummm.....
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