Homemade Ginger Wine 自制姜酒

My 2nd attempt making ginger wine. After a 3 whole months of waiting, I am truly happy with the result. It turns out really strong and smell really good compare to the previous batch I made. Just harvested today. Can't wait to try it in my cooking soon .... ginger mee suah, ginger wine chicken, steamed fish, steamed chicken ...... and many more >o<  Please read on for more.

Couldn't find bentong ginger, so get the Thai bentong ginger instead. Not bad, at least better than the Chinese ginger.

Ingredients :

1kg bentong ginger750gm (3pkt) rock sugar6L water2pcs sweet wine biscuit2pcs spicy wine biscuit

Method :1. wash ginger then blow dry under the sun, cut into small pcs.2. bring rock sugar, ginger slices and water into boil, keep boiling for 30 minutes over medium heat.

3. then leave cool overnight.

4. crushed wine biscuit into powder form and set aside, then transfer half of the cooked ginger & water into a 10L glass jar. Add in wine biscuit then transfer the remaining ginger & water into the jar.

5. cover jar with a clothe then top with a ceramic plate. But because afraid of unwanted visitors, I cover it with plastic sheet with some tiny holes.6. let the jar stay in a dark place for 3 months, stir mixture every 2 weeks.

This is the situation of the wine after each stirring. It turns back to light brown colour after one day time.

Finally, harvest time ............... what a happy day !

I pureed all the ginger slices and keep in separated jars, which is easier for later usage & storage as well. Elderly called this as ginger head @ keong tao. Best to add into the next batch of ginger wine making.

Here what I get from the harvest. 6 bottles of wine and few jars of ginger head. What a blessing !
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