Stir Fried 'Dou Miao' @ Snow Pea Shoots/Sprouts

Snow pea shoots is also known under the scientific name pisum sativum. Being an Asian plant, the snow pea shoots has various Asian names: the Chinese call it dow miu/dou miao, the Japanese name it tobyo and in Philippines, it is known as sitsaro talbos. Shoots are basically the plants that grow above the soil and the snow peas are one of the most popular species of shoots. Our local pea shoots are mostly imported from China. Due to the fact that is very low in fats and calories, the snow pea shoots are used in low calorie diets and in vegetarian meals.
The snow pea shoots have a tender flesh, which is delicious if it is stir-fried and topped with garlic or soy sauce (called tamari in the Asian cuisine) and spices, like ginger.

There are actually a few pea shoots available in the market, which are shown as the above pictures. For me, I enjoy the bottom picture's pea shoots which is bigger and crunchier. Or maybe you're interested in growing your own sprouts, click here.

Ingredients :

200gm dou miao, rinsed
1 tbsp chopped garlic
1 tbsp chopped ginger
100gm chicken minced
salt to taste
1/2 tbsp vegetarian oyster sauce

Method :

- marinade minced chicken with a little salt, pepper, corn flour & sesame oil.
- preheat a pan/wok with about 2-3tbsp cooking oil.
- stir in minced chicken, saute the meat untill it's about to cook over medium heat.
- then stir in chopped ginger & chopped garlic, continue saute untill fragrant.
- now, add in dou miao & salt, and stir fry over high heat for about one minute.
- finally, off the heat and stir in the vegetarian oyster sauce, and serve.

This is also a very healthy side dish to serve in your daily diet. So, be sure you give it a try when you found this!

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  1. That plate of pea sprouts would be more expensive than some meat dishes here.
    I hope your finger is recovering.

  2. Oh Kristy this looks soooo good! I know I couldn't find the sprouts here, wish I could. I guess I just have to go there to try it.

  3. wow havent had these before these look mouth watering! Would love to try them have never seen them.

  4. Kristy dear, how is your finger? Hope is recovering soon.
    With your finger like that, you can still cook! Salute to you [*.*]

  5. Delish stir-fry, and yes, that's 豆苗 for Japanese ! Many things to share in our food :)

  6. I like the fatter shoots too! Usually cook them with lots of garlic and some oyster sauce and pepper. Delicious!

  7. I like pea shoots, it so delicious.

  8. Used to be my favourite dish! Since I have 2 kids now, I'm kind of lazy to stir fry... I would rather boil soup for my kids or blend all ingredients in one pot!:p

    Happy Sunday to you1

  9. SKucing : Thanks!

    Angie : Thanks, dear! My finger is recovering pretty well. Oh, do you have this in Germany too? I wonder how much it costs!

    Lynd : Thank you! There's also something I can't find it here, for instant, rhubarb!

    Claudia : Probably, you can ask for this when your next visit to the Chinese restaurant!

    Anncoo : My finger is doing good! Recovering quite fast. I think the wound is well joint. Thank you very much!

    TLSpoon : Yes, indeed! I made some Japanese curry the other day. It was so delish!

    Jeannie : I like it the best with salted fish! My goodness, truly mouthwatering!

    Elra : Oh Kakak juga dapat beli pea shoots dekat sana ya! Hairan! Mahal-ke?

    Thank you very much for visiting to all. Hope you guys enjoy this fantastic weekend! Have fun!

    Cheers, Kristy

  10. Alice : Ya, I know! I used to cook like that when my kids are little. No doubt, you cooked the same way cause Juan Juan is very active and she needs double attention than any toddler! My younger brother's son also the same. It's exhausting looking after them! So, mama needs to look after themselves too. Take care.

    Have a great weekend!

    Cheers, Kristy

  11. Kristy, I hope your finger is healing quickly. Your pea shoots look wonderful and fresh to these tired eyes. I will check the cooking sight as soon as I finish here. I hope you are having a wonderful day. Blessings...Mary

  12. Very delicious dish.....miss this one, too. I used to plant dou miao back home. It was easy. I think I'm going to see if I can plant it here...have to be indoor.

  13. A beautiful and healthy dish. It gives me no excuse to be a piggy :)
    Have a wonderful weekend daaaaaaahilng.
    *kisses* HH
    P.s. how is your finger?

  14. I wish I could get those, Kristy! I love the way you have prepared them. They look delicious!

    Is your finger healing nicely??

  15. Not familiar with snow pea shoots. Hows the finger?

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