Today's Menu....Ice-Cream Cake & A Finger

I guess today is just not my day! See, what happen to my finger! I accidentally cut my finger when chopping the chicken this morning. It happened so fast when the chicken suddenly slipping off and the knife landed on my finger....that it*chop*.... Luckily, my finger doesn't came off! Thank God! Pretty scary, isn't it! Yeap, ended up with five stitches. HH told me to take something sweet to comfort myself. So, I did! Ice-cream is now on sales! It happened that I grabbed a box yesterday and ended making this ice-cream cake.

Ingredients :

2 rolls vanilla swiss roll (roughly 9" length each roll)
1.8-2.0L raspberry ice-cream, softened
a 9" spring foam pan lined with parchment paper

Method :

- slice swiss roll into 18 pieces and arrange them nicely to the spring foam pan.
- whisk the ice-cream untill fluffy and then pour it to fill up the pan.

Finally, press in the balance sliced swiss roll and freeze overnight.

This is my first attempt and not knowing what's the actual quantity of ice-cream is needed! So, ended up not filled in probably. Cause I only used 1.5L of ice-cream.

Oh...just forget about my finger and let's enjoy this super dessert! I'm feeling much better now!
p/s Hey sis-in-law, don't tell my mom about my finger! OK. Thanks!
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