Baby Kai Lan In Braised Taro

This is the 5th dish out of the 10 I made for the New Year party a couple weeks ago. This special dish was introduced to me by Elin. She had this at a restaurant for her pre Chinese New Year gathering lunch. It looks like a weird combination and seems so strange as well. I have never had anything like mixing up taro with other green vegetables in my cooking before. Well, never try never know, right! It's quite interesting though. And would love to give it a try.

And here's what I did.

Ingredients : (serve 10)
400gm baby Kai Lan
150gm taro, sliced
50gm dried shrimp
2 tbsp chopped garlic
4 scallion, sliced
a few slices ginger, chopped
1 pce red fermented bean curd
2 cups water
salt & pepper to taste
Method :
(1) firstly, fry the sliced taro till slightly brown, set aside.
(2) by using the same wok or frying pan, stir in ginger, shallot, garlic and dried shrimps.
(3) saute untill fragrant, add in red fermented bean curd & fried taro and mix well.
(4) add in water and let them boil over medium heat untill taro became soft & tender.
(5) now, stir in all the Kai Lan and let it cook for about 3 mins or till soft.
(6) finally, add in salt & pepper to taste and off the heat.
According to Elin's review, the restaurant is using dried shredded cuttlefish in this recipe but I replacing it with dried shrimp. The addition of red fermented bean curd is a plus. It flavoured up the whole dish instantly. Though, it's a weird combo......yes, it's awesome! It's something new for my guests and they're loving it. Hope you will like it too! Enjoy.
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