'Seri Muka' The Way I Want

'Seri Muka' is a Nyonya dessert that is made of a layer of steamed glutinous rice and another layer of coconut egg custard. But I've never interested in that specific what so you called custard layer. Now, here comes the beneficial part when you're making your own bakes. You can always choose to make with your favourite ingredients. And I'm using my favourite topping for a twist.

And here's the recipe as follow.

Ingredients for Glutinous Rice :
1kg glutinous rice, soaked overnight
500ml coconut milk
1 tspn salt
2 pandan leaves/pinescrew leaves
*Colouring : 1/4 tspn blue colouring + 1 tbsp water OR
(use dried 'bunga telang' to boil with water)

Method :
(1) drain glutinous rice and mix all the ingredients together except colouring.
(2) steam for 30 mins over high heat, then remove the leaves.
(3) sprinkle on the colouring once the rice is ready.
(4) then try to stir & mix the rice a little once it's cooled.
(5) press the rice to a 9" or 10" tray untill firm.
(6) then leave side.
Note : or you may use half portion of this recipe on a 7" tray.

For the top layer recipe, please refer here.
Note : full recipe for 9-10" tray and half portion for 7" tray.
Final Step : spread the topping onto the steamed glutinous rice once it's ready and then water bath bake at preheated oven 195'C-200'C for about 40-45 mins or untill brown.

Instead of making 'pulut tai tai', I'm making 'pulut dye dye'! haha... I don't have any 'bunga telang' . So, just put in a few drops of blue food colouring. Don't mind, right! Hope you will like mine version too. Have fun! :o)


  1. Kristy, They look so fun! Where did you get the idea of making this "roasted pork" looking rice dessert?

  2. Interesting combination, I would like to try one please :) Diane

  3. Simple ingredients and easy to make, I must try to make this soon. By the way, how and when to combine both layers together? Thanks for sharing.

  4. i want to buy or rent a house in Tongkak.. :)

  5. Pretty! I bet they taste great~ *^_^*

  6. Wow, what a combination of Glutinous rice and rice keuh. Both rice !!!! I wonder how it taste like !

  7. What a neat and pretty looking dessert!

  8. Love your version of "seri muka"! Thanks for sharing.

  9. Angie : 恭喜发财 新年快乐! It's not my idea. This is a tradition Nyonya dessert which was passed down from long ago. I started having this ever since I was a kid. And just started making it several months back. I like the heavy coconut flavour of this dessert alot. Absolutley seducing. Hope you will like it too!

    Diane : Of course, you can! How I wish I could share some of these with you too. :o)

    Penny : You made it sounds like roasted pork dessert! haha...

    Sonia : Hi there, nice to hear from you dear. Hope everything is going well on your side. I'm sure you're now all settled down in your new home.
    You need to prepare the steamed glutinous rice before the topping, follow instruction as given. Spread on the topping once the topping (kuih bengka beras) is ready. ONly then you further on the final step.

    Claire : Shhhh.... shh...

    Cathy : Oh yes, they are. Hope you will like it too.

    Anonymous : Well then, this might be something you need to try out some day. :o)

    Belinda : Thank you, dear! Too bad you stay far...away.

    Jet : You're welcome! Enjoy & hope you will like it.

    Thank you everyone for visiting and spending your time with me today. Will visit you soon.

    Hope you're all having a fabulous weekend.

    Cheers, Kristy

  10. This couldn't look more inviting. I love coming here and sampling new dishes.

  11. I think that is why we make things ouselves...so we can have it the way we like it! Haha! This looks wonderful to me, I wish I could try it! Chomp!!


  12. I've never heard of this before, Kristy. I am intrigued. They look delightful and sound tasty too...

    Thanks for sharing...

  13. This sounds and looks very good Kristy...! And btw, Gong Xi Fa Cai :)!

  14. une terrine colorée et appétissante, j'aime beaucoup
    bonne soirée

  15. These are lovely, Kristy! I've never heard of them, but really like the flavors you've used. I'm crazy for coconut.

  16. Happy Lunar New Year, Kristy! Gong Xi Fa Cai!

    I love the traditional blue dye on my kueh kueh too. I still remember when I was young, I was watching my grandma picking, pounding and extracting the colouring from a kind of a blue colour flower to dye our kueh kueh...*sign* these are my memories...

  17. Gong Xi Fatt Chia!

    Oooo...very long time havent eat this kuih already.

  18. Gong Xi Fa Cai, Kristy! There are many variations of seri muka these days and yours looks just as good & sedap! Anyway, may this year of the rabbit brings you lots of great happy things!

  19. I love how creative and delicious these look. I would love to try a taste!

  20. This is so beautiful. I love serimuka. So long I have not eaten. Wish I can have a few pieces for my breakfast now! Hope you have a great time of celebration there this Chinese New Year.

  21. If my mum sees this, I sure kena make pulut tatal for her LOL Pulut dye dye Hee hee Very funny! When I was 10 years old, still can find bunga telang growing wild in my kampung for my grandma to make kuih, now very sad, all gone!! Blue colour not the same lah, Not so much fun LOL This looks wonderful - I think better than kaya on top. Kaya sometimes smells too much of egg, even with the panda :{

  22. Oh my, what a colourful dessert! I'll kiv this & will try this some day. Happy CNY, Kristy!

    BTW, I'm giving away a classy Cookpot this Chinese New Year! Do participate if you've relatives or friends in S'pore to collect the winning prize & spread the news. Visit Supor Fortune Cookware Giveaway! for details!

  23. This looks good! Love the top layer too, my mom use to buy that for us when we were young:)

  24. oh wow love this all about coconut hope your well Kristy hugs from me to you

  25. Kristy, what an interesting dish with glutinous rice...I never had anything like this and believe me I love everything with glutinous rice...

  26. Oh darn, i wish i stay beside you...so creative this kuih...

  27. Very creative to combine pulut tai tai and kuih bingka beras! It is like seri muka only with different colors.

  28. Claudia : Are you ready to put on some weight? :o)

    Lyndz : Ya, exactly! It's always great to enjoy home cook food. It's more relaxing to have it at home. No parking frustration, No traffic jam, No need to queue, No need to rush home.... Just lay back and enjoy on your favourite chair. Sounds good right!

    louise : Then you have to try this some day. :o)

    Cooking Gallery : Same to you, sweetie!

    Fimere : Merci, darling!

    Barbara : Exactly, none of us could ever resist such aromatic flavour! aa..aa.. Not me!

    Zoe : You too, dear. I'm sure this making you home sick. lol! haha....

  29. mama kucing : xin nian kuai le! So, must go to search for this kuih. lol! haha....

    Jos : Miss you alot, dear. Hope you're doing well on your side. Do take care.

    Bridgett : I'm sure you would die for this! :o) Well, I am!

    MaryMoh : Now, am I making you home sick again? haha.... I'm going to be very busy tomorrow. A lot of cooking need to be done. We're throwing a party tomorrow night.

    Denise : Frankly, I have never tried anything with bunga telang before! The natural blue is awesome, totally different from the colouring blue! Not even planted one! I can hardly see those flowers these days. I wonder if I can plant one. I need some seeds! *sigh*

    Shirley : Can't find the giveaway post! Where about? Btw, thanks for keeping me inform. :o)

    Jeannie : I'm not that crazy about kuih but it does bringing back lots of memories. But if there's any infront of me. I hardly resist them. haha.... What an excuse! haha....

    Shirley : Thank you very much, dear!

    Rebecca : I am fine. Thank you! Hoep you're well too.

    Juliana : I'll have to say anything with coconut is so irresistible! Agree with me?

    Angeline : Oh well, just move in! haha....

    Biren : Have to! I love nasi pulut but hated the custard topping. Guess, this is specially made for myself. haha....

    Thank you very much everyone for visiting and spending your valueable time here with me today. Hope you're all having a wonderful day. Enjoy & have lots of fun. The celebration is still on untill 17th February.

    Blessings, Kristy

  30. Kristy...I want to stay next door to you ! Great Seri Muka...something different :)

  31. I love it! It looks so stunning and interesting! Similar to something I had in Hongkong a while ago :)

  32. I know, I keep saying it and I am going to say it again. You are marvelous. I am always thrilled to see your creativity. This is pretty and special.

    Thanks for linking it to My Meatless Mondays.

  33. Would certainly like to grab a piece right now!

  34. sounds and looks so delicioous,kristy!

  35. Kristy your version is awesome!! I love the oceanic blue color and I am missing my boat to sail to you and have one lovely slice!

  36. Very pretty! You are good with kuihs :D Bunga telang seems hard to find esp. overseas.

  37. kristy, what a great seri muka kuih with a new combination..hurray!

  38. This is so pretty. Two types of kuehs in one tray. Brilliant idea!!

  39. Hi kristy, good to hear you are back safe and sound. love the blue coloured kuih, have always wondered where that blue comes from

  40. Kristy, you just made my favorite kueh!! Brilliant combination and presentation and stunning pics! Love everything about this post. I bookmarked this recipe and can't wait to try this out. Thanks my dear:D

  41. How cool! You make the most amazing things I've ever seen! Love these! Thanks for linking them up at the Tailgating Time Super Bowl party. I just posted a Valentine's Day party for this week, hope to see you there! :-)


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