Frutti-Tutti Ice-Cream Pop & A Sundae

What's happening to the earth? All a certain, it turns HOT rapidly. I can only feel the warm air from my car fan which is blowing in high speed but not the air-cond. Sorry kids, it's not the air-cond fault. I think the air-cond is trying very hard to cool down the temperature in my car. The weather here became so warm eversince after the floods. Hopefully, there will be rain! *sigh* Yes, I am sure. We definitely need a little rain to cool down the temperature here. Besides of that....... an ice-cream will sure help. :o)

And not forgetting Penny @ Addictive & Consuming throwing an International Incident Sundae Party on this coming Sunday, 20th February. Make sure you're there.

Ingredients :
1L vanilla ice-cream (store bought)
2 cups homemade yogurt, half frozen
4 tbsp passiofruit
500gm mango, cubed
2 tbsp key lime juice
Method :
(1) combine all ingredient in a big bowl and beat till creamy.
(2) fill in the ice-cream pop container and keep frozen till set or overnight.
*For box ice-cream : keep in freezer after the first whisk untill almost set, then beat again for the second round untill smooth and freeze again overnight.

Let's see what we got here! Here comes my baby!

Hmmm..... Need I say more! And sure the children will love it especially during this hot season.

This is another simple mixed fruits & nuts sundae. I just fill 50% of the cup with green pear, plum, mandarin orange and some cashew nuts. Then top with frutti-tutti ice-cream and cherry. Quick & yummy! Hope you will all enjoy this recipe as it is just a simple quick whip. Have fun!
I'm sending this to Penny @ International Incident Sundae Party.

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