Sesame Glutinous Rice Ball @ Jin Dui

Oh boy, I have never thought of making my own Jin Dui at home. All the while, I thought this is a very difficult task or something. haha.... Because according to the elderly, we have to watch our words while making Jin Dui. It is forbidden to say something bad like the word "dead" or something rude when the dough is on the run. Otherwise, the dough won't rise or puff out nice & big. So, normally children are not allowed to enter the kitchen while the adults making these. I'm not sure how true it is but I made mine in perfect size. :o) And am really happy with the results.

And here's the recipes.

Ingredients for Dough:
2 cups glutinous rice flour
1/2 cup sugar
1/4 cup brown sugar
1 tspn apple cider/homemade fruit cider
3/4 cup warm water

* 1/2 cup sesame seeds

Ingredients for Fillings :
2 tbsp crashed roasted peanuts
1 tbsp sugar
(combine everything & mix well)

Method :
(1) combine glutinous flour and sugar in a big bowl, mix well.
(2) stir in water & cider, mix to form a nice smooth dough.
(3) divide into 12 portion (but I think it's too big), 20 portion should be better.
(4) press dough in the centre to make a hole, fill in peanuts mixture & sealed.
(5) roll dough over water & again roll dough over the sesame seeds.
(6) then fry them in hot oil over low heat.
(7) once the dough turn light brown, try to press & flatten each dough to help them to expend.
(8) the frying process will take a little longer more than 5 mins or untill you get crispy crust. Otherwise, the crust will collapse quickly after cooled.
I remember my mom only buy this kind of glutinous rice ball during special occasions or festival when I was little. We were only allowed to have them after the prayers. But now, we can have it anytime we want. We can even easily buy it from the stalls.
I will definitely make this again. Maybe in smaller size, so that it turns out nice & round. :o) The crust is so delicious. It's crispy & chewy at the same time. I'm sure you will enjoy making this too. Have fun!
I'm sending this to Shaz @ Muhibbah Malaysian Monday and My Sweet & Savory @ Meatless Monday


  1. I had no idea there were so many "rule" around making these - know quite a few people who love these!

  2. They look wonderful - you must have been very careful with what you said while making them!!

  3. moi qui aime bien les graines de sésame, je suis servie
    bonne soirée

  4. I love jin dui but they usually have the red bean filling. Yours with the peanut filling looks very good too!

  5. i like the black sugar kind and i had never thought about making them either but yours are so beautiful and perfect looking that i might just have to!

  6. I tried making this before but it didn't turn out well. The Jin Dui get soft once it it cool and all the sesame seeds fell off while frying. I have to make this again with your method.

  7. I have never seen Jin Dui before and would love to try it. They look so delicate and light and I'm sure the peanut filling is delicious.

  8. I love this especially with peanut fillings! :)

  9. Oh Kristy,
    Thank you so much for introducing me to so many delectable delights. I'm completely mesmerized by your tempting images...

    I wish I could try just one right now...

  10. Your jin dui look perfect! A perfect golden hue :)

  11. Wow, there are so many traditions that come along with eating this treat! Thanks for sharing how you made it, I never realized that the dough was made with a recipe that resembles a mochi recipe. What did you do with the leftover oil? How does pressing and flattening them while frying help them expand? And how do you know when it is crispy (b/c it's too hot to be touched, so I couldn't try touching it)? Sorry for all these questions. Thanks again!

  12. it look really crispy and yummy! i love it to be rolled with sesame and with peanut fiiling. GREAT! (:

  13. Where I come from, this called Onde-onde, usually filled with sweet green bean with pandanus adding coconut milk to this filling, ouch! it will be more tasty...hehehhe...I had made onde-onde with black glutinous rice flour,and the result was awesome...:)

  14. I like your version of jin dui, I made some before where sweet potatoes were added to the dough...yours I can save the step of steaming the sweet potatoes:P Taste good with red bean paste and lotus paste as fillings too!

  15. Belinda : And that's why I kept avoiding making this. haha....

    Brownieville Girl : :o) Try not to!

    Fimere : Merci! Glad you like it too.

    Biren : But I had the peanut fillings eversince I was a little girl. I seldom have the red beans filling. Of coz, red beans filling is more easier to handle when wrapping it.

    MParadis : I'm so glad I made this too. I was surprised the process is so simple.

    Gert : This is actually my first attempt and glad I've done it.

    Cathy : How I wish I could share this with you too.

    CaThy : Yea, me too!

    louise : Thank you very much!

    Jen : Yes, I myself is very happy with the result too! Thanks!

    Esther : It's OK! I would ask the same question as well. I only used 3-4 cups of oil for frying but not much left by the end. By pressing the dough, the skin became thinning and allow air to enter. That's how it done. After the dough puffed out, keep frying for one minute and then test the crust with a fork by pressing the crust. I'm sure you know how to diferentiate between soft & hard crust, right? :o) Hope you get what you looking for and have fun!

    Sweetylicious : Yes, the sesame seeds are really fragrant & delicious.

    Meinekueche : HI there, welcome to my humble little space. Hope to hear from you more often. Will check out your onde-onde. Thank you!

    Jeannie : Yea, don't love simple steps cooking! haha...

    Thank you very much everyone for visiting and spending your weekend here with me today. Great to see around.

    Hope you're all having a great time. Enjoy!

    Blessings, Kristy

  16. Wow! You make so many things I didn't think were possible to make at home- and these look perfect! Now I have a craving for these :)

  17. yumm, now that looks very tempting, great for a snack.

  18. Not sure that I have the patience to make these but they look delicious. Diane

  19. Kristy, those Jian Dui could be the best I have ever seen..and believe me..I have seen some. Thumbs up for you!

  20. Kristy, I love Jian Dui with peanut filling and yours looks so delicious...please send me some ;DD

  21. U r really pandai!! the jeen tui is one of our favourite, my girl and i.. in dim sum restaurant, this is a must order. :)

  22. i never knew they were called jin dui! i always thought of them as the sesame peanut ball because the ones with peanut filling is my favorite :D i didn't know it was so easy to make! I'll definitely try this soon!

  23. I thought it's something really hard to make! Yours looks so good!

  24. Oh, so yummy! We call this "onde onde" in Bahasa Indonesia :)

  25. These really look and sound fantastic!

  26. These are so beautiful. You did an excellent job! They look delicious!

  27. I always have this everytime I visit a Chinese restaurant nearby. Very yummy...:)!!

  28. looks like you did a great Job Kristy always fun to hear your food memories

    hugs Rebecca

  29. These are beautiful, Kristy. They look good enough for a magazine shoot. it's funny how over time what was once special becomes common. I sometimes wonder if our children will have memories like ours. I hope you have a great day. Blessings...Mary

  30. I love sesame glutinous rice balls! Great job! They look fantastic. And I love the "rules" for making them. Maybe part of the reason the rules were created was so that women could have some peace in the kitchen? ;)

  31. Didn't know this is called Jin Dui. Thks for sharing the interesting old wives tale. I shall wait for my Jin Dui to be served. Hahaha! Have a good week ahead, my friend!

  32. I am bookmarking this recipe! Been searching for it.

  33. this is one of the recipe i wanted to try, must try this soon. Thanks for sharing.

  34. have the most innovative blog and I love every recipe here...your blog is like my online recipe book.....keep them coming so that I can save on recipe books. Thank you Kristy MUAX for sharing this recipe. Love it :) Have a nice day, Elin

  35. What an amazing click, looks beautiful and yum!

  36. i've made them once but it was a failure, the dough was just too tough..maybe i can try out youes one day.

  37. Although I've heard about glutinous rice flour from a few bloggers...I still haven't put it on my grocery list. These treats might just convince me to give this product a go ;o)

    Ciao for now,

  38. Von : Don't crave! Make them!

    Nammi : I think you can easily find this at the local stall as well huh!

    Diane : The whole process only took me an hour. Not bad!

    Angie : Oh wow, thanks so much! :o) I'm glad it turns out perfectly.

    Blue wale : Thanks!

    Ann : Jin dui has to be eaten on the same day. The longer you keep them, it will become oily.

    Claire : I like it hot from the wok! Very crispy!

    Janine : HI there, welcome to my humble little space. Glad you like this too. Hope to hear from you more often.

    Ann : Yeah, me too! Thanks and hope you will like it.

    Elra : But onde-onde is another thing in Malaysia! Onde-onde is a soft sweet potato rice ball with palm sugar filing and steamed shredded coconut coating. Funny right!

    Dimah : Thanks so much, dear.

    Katerina : Thanks alot!

    Cooking Gallery : Now, you can make you own! And you can have as many as you like! ha...

    Rebecca : Thanks alot, dear. And nice to hear from you.

    Mary : Oh wow, what a compliment! Thank you so much. I'm really grateful. You too, have a wonderful day.

    Andrea : Ha... yeah, probably so! At least, we have a few minutes peace & quiet time in the kitchen.

    Shirley : Alamak, are you sure you're staying in S'pore???? hahaha....

    Penny : All the best girl!

    Sonia : You're welome and also wish you luck!

    Elin : Oh wow, thanks so much for your lovely & flowery words. haha... What a compliment! I am truely honoured and glad you like them too. Enjoy & have fun!

    Divya : Thank you!

    Lena : At first, I also thought this is a very challenging recipe. But after some research, then I realized it is so easy & simple to prepare.

    Claudia : Ha... Hope you will like this and have fun! Just take it easy.

    Thanks so much everyone for spending your time here with me and also thanks alot for all your kind & lovely words. I am really appreciate it.

    Hope you're having a great time here. Enjoy!

    Blessings, Kristy

  39. Now at the dim sum joints, they call them 'chee mah joe' and it's my children's favourite. Have bookmarked your recipe.

  40. Oh I love these! They look delightful :)

  41. I absolutely love these! Some of the ones I've had before were too oily, but yours look perfect.

  42. first time i see this,looks tempting,you know?

  43. Yes you must of been very good...these look perfect. I want to make these tomorrow, and I actually have some glutinous rice flour just waiting to be used. I'll let you know! :D

  44. Wow, they look absolutely perfect! I love these, didn't know it was quite simple (well, sounds simple the way you do it, but maybe it won't work for me, ha ha). Another must-try :)

  45. Is the filling amount you listed above enough for the hole batch or is this how much you put in each ball.

  46. Hi anonymous,

    First of all, thanks so much for stopping by my humble little space. Yes, the amount is just enough for the fillings (for me personally) but if you prefer more, then you can add extra amount of the fillings. After the expension the fillings became less.
    Hope you will love it. Have fun !
    Regards, Kristy


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