Stir Fried Butter Mushroom Salad ~ Side Dish

Hey, Happy Chinese New Year everyone! It's the year of DRAGON. My year of birth is Rooster but I called myself a Pheonix. lol! HAHAHA.....Dragon & Pheonix are both best friends. So, I think this going to be my lucky year. kekeke.... This picture was actually taken while I'm on my way to visit my childhood 'kampung', after leaving for 30 years. The whole place has gone. The only houses left was located 2km away from my childhood 'kampung'. My younger brother was so surprised when he saw it cause we used to buy tidbits from that corner shop when our school bus stopped by to wait for the railway . to reopen.

If not mistaken, these shops are about 50 years old or more. Just imagine that! I am so regret  for not taking the Malay 'kampung' houses' pictures. The 'kampung' houses from the North is slightly different from the South. They are much taller and very classy.

After a few days travelling, I am totally exhausted. And I still have to cook. Don't like eating out during this time of the year. Besides, all the restaurants don't serve simple food. They only prepare expensive festive food range and tired of having fast food as well. So, I have made a quickie meal for everyone. Here's what I did.

Ingredients :
2 pkts  white beech mushroom, cut into bite size
1 green bell pepper, diced
2 tomatoes, cubed
2 tbsp   butter
salt to taste
some chopped garlic (optional)
a dash of crashed black pepper
*thickening : 1 tspn  tapioca starch + 2 tbsp water

Method :
(1) preheat frying pan and melt butter.
(2) stir in mushroom and bell pepper, saute till cooked (about a couple of minutes). At the mean time, the mushroom will produce some juices.
(3) add in thickening and off the heat, stir till thickened.
(4) finally, mix together tomatoes & mushroom and serve with main course or anything as desired.

For the quickie pan fried satay chicken, you can refer here and for the rice refer here. And dinner is ready within an hour. How lovely is that! Anyway, I am here wishing all the very best and enjoy this festive season with a total joy....with loads of fun & laughter! Bless you.
I'm sending this to Suresh & Shaz @ Muhibbah Malaysian Monday.
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  1. I am totally loving this..YUMMY


  2. Kristy:
    Gong Xi Fa Cai to you!
    Yes, you are right roaster is going to do very well in this water dragon year.
    Thanks for sharing your down to memory story and your simple healthy dishes.


  3. Hi Kristy, Gong Xi Fa Cai to you and family. Wish you all the best in dragon year.

  4. lovely recipe and I am the same even when super tired still cook

  5. That is a beautiful rooster :) and an equally beautiful side dish:)

  6. Traveling is exhausting isn't it? And emotionally so when you visit places from your past. Gorgeous mushrooms - just the thought of them makes my heart happy.

  7. it always brings back a lot of memories going back to those places!do you take photographs this time becos after another 30 years, it's going to look different again! sure it has been a tiring week for you, packing and travelling up and down. the satay chicken sounds delicious to me. Have a nice evening, kristy!

  8. Gong Hei Fatt Choi Kristy! Hope you had a great CNY celebration. ;) Thanks for sharing your home town photos Kristy! Your butter mushrooms looks really good! Bet its good on its own without a main dish. ;)

  9. This looks absolutely delicious great recipe and post!

  10. Nice nostalgic photos, and your simple dish doesn't looks that simple to me:) Gong Xi Fa Cai!

  11. thank you thank you....nice recipe. I saw these mushroom in the market but didnt know how to cook till nwow

  12. Gong Xi Fa Cai Kristy! That is a beautiful rooster and I having the same horoscope with you, hehehe .My elder son born in Dragon year, so we both bring good luck to the family LOL. And this is a simple and yummy dish.

  13. Happy Chinese New Year to you. Love this recipe it sounds wonderful. Diane

  14. Oo, butter mushrooms sound SO good! And the dish sounds pretty tasty and healthy too...yum!

  15. Gong Xi Fa Cai to you! I love simple food, especially too much feasting during CNY. these butter mushroom looks light and good

  16. Hi Kristy,

    Thanks for sharing this, looks delicious. Sorry, I'm not sure where the email got to, but don't worry, I'm grabbing this now to include in the round up. Thanks so much for joining us again :)


  17. Wow Kristy, I am waaayyy behind on your sorry. I have too still cook when busy, sometimes I like to take short cuts though. This dish looks so special to is a lovely plate of food!


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