Baked Eggless 'Nian Gao' Vanilla Cake

Guess what is this monkey doing? This monkey is actually enjoying an egg. I think it's a male monkey and this fellow is actually a THIEF. He stole eggs from my in-law's chicken barn almost everyday. What he did was just sitting around the area and check whenever the chickens started making noise! So, everyday my mother-in-law is like an egg marathon competitor.....see who's going to get the egg first ~ human or monkey !!!! hahaha.... Honestly, they are both equally good. Sometimes, my mother-in-law get it first and then sometimes the monkey. Oh my goodness, don't you love the village  life! :o)

If you're out eggs, don't worry! You can still make yourself an awesome eggless cake just like this one here. Since I'm using butter and condensed milk in this recipe, so it's not a vegan but a vegetarian cake.  This is actually the first time I'm making cake with 'nian gao'. Sounds pretty interesting, isn't it!  It is actually quite tasty with the addition of chewy gluey sweet glutinous rice cake in between. You'll be surprised.

And here's what did.
Ingredients :
2-1/2 cups  all purpose flour
2 tbsp  corn flour
2 tpsn  baking powder
1 tspn  baking soda
2 tbsp  sugar
1/2 tspn  salt

300ml  condensed milk
113gm  butter, melted
2 tbsp  vinegar
2 tspn   vanilla extract

* 1-1/2 cup nian gao, cubed (best in smaller chunks)
   1 cup  almond slices

Method :
(1) combine ingredients (A) into a big mixing bowl.
(2) stir ingredients (B) into (A) and mix well with a hand mixer.
(3) pour batter to a 10" baking lined with parchment paper, top with nian gao & sliced almond.
(4) bake at preheated oven 175'C for about 45-50 mins or 9x13" tray for 30 mins.
(5) then leave to cool for 20 mins before removing cake from tray.

Normally, there will be loads of leftover 'nian gao' after the Chinese New Year and mostly will be ended up in deep frying. I mean it's alright to have the deep fry food once a while but not so often. Besides, 'nian gao' isn't very nice to get them steam if they're no longer fresh & soft. So, here's another way to help you clearing off the 'nian gao' in your fridge. Hope you guys will love it too! Enjoy & have fun.

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