Pithiviers @ Galette Des Rois

Now, this is the French version of  Three King's Cake and also called as Galette Des Rois or Pithiviers. Pithiviers is basically made by two pastry disk and some frangipane for filling, where mine looks slightly different. Do you think the King will accept this???? haha.....

Probably, the king will send me to prison or hang me till death for not presenting him the right cake! Yikes.....Or maybe he is generous enough and don't mind trying my cake. haha.... Honestly, no matter the crust is in which form, it certainly tastes as good.

Ingredients :
15 sheets  phyllo pastry
or 2 large homemade pastry puff sheet
100gm    butter, melted

Fillings :
1/2 cups  sugar
2 large eggs
2 tbsp  rum
lime zest
1 cup  almond meal
3 tbsp  all purpose flour

Method :
(1)  beat eggs, sugar and rum till sugar dissolved.
(2)  stir in lime zest, almond meal and flour till well mixed, set aside.
(3)  grease a 7" round tray with melted butter.
(4)  arrange 12 phyllo sheets (brush butter in between) on the pan base with the side slightly overhang the edges of the tray.
(5)  then simply wrinkled & fold the overhang phyllo sheets to the top, together with the remaining phyllo sheets (remember to brush each phyllo with butter)
(6) finally, bake at preheated oven 195'C for about 30 mins or till nicely brown.

How could anyone resist such tempting looking pastry. Not me !

 It's such a delightful dessert to enjoy after a hard day work. I bet the King won't regret for not trying it. Sorry King, there's no more left for you. haha....
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  1. This looks totally delicious..I would love to try this..Bookmarked.


  2. That looks amazing, none left for me either by the look of it LOL. Diane

  3. meravigliosa questa torta, non la conoscevo, annoto tutto la voglio provare.
    e stai tranquilla, il re ti salverà perché sarà talmente buona da perdonarti :)))
    buon fine settimana.
    un grande bacio dear.

  4. Beautiful rendition! Our kids in France did a great job - though this definitely raises the elegance level.

  5. Oooo this is so cool! I love the looks of this cake. Two of my favorite kind of pasteries, phyllo and puff pastry! I know I couldn't resist!

    Kristy, have a lovey weekend, hope you get a chance to take a break! :)

  6. very new dish..yum and delicious one..do drop in my space when u fine sometime...........

  7. Great something new! I love it!! Hope your doing well have a blessed weekend!

  8. I think I like this version better than the puff pastry. It's much healthier and I can imagine the flaky crispy phyllo when you bite into it. Have a great weekend Kristy!

  9. It resembles a little bit our Greek galaktoboureko. I don't know if the King would allow it, but I know I would love to have a bite of this!

  10. Me enamoré de ésta tarta fina luce espectacular,quieroo probaaaar,abrazos hugs,hugs.

  11. if the king had eaten this, i think he will make you the head chef of his kitchen!!

  12. The other day I just saw this recipe in Bourke street cookbook. Where did you get the phyllo ?


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